Illuminati Files: What In The Hell Is This Inside This “Watch The Throne” Booklet???

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In case you’re not one of those people who lives on these interwebs, Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s album “Watch The Throne” dropped last night, and brought the stan out of all of Hip-Hop.

From 11:30pm when the album first became available on iTunes, to this very minute, Black People Twitter has had very little else to talk about it. Mostly, they love it. But of course, whenever Jay and Yeezy do something, their illuminati affiliations are hard to hide.

And while we usually bring up the conspiracy theories half-jokingly to rile up those of you who believe them, the digital booklet that came with Watch The Throne has us a little concerned.

Just what exactly do these two have us looking at? Would Jesus approve?? Flip through and check out the booklet in the actual order it appears in the “album.”

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    …Yeah… We’re still a little confused. And concerned.

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    • Sugar

      They act so offended when people imply that they are involved in some ish, then they turn around and put something like this out. Smh Either they think their fans are not worthy of respect and just keep f*cking with us, or they really are involved in some ish. Either way, f*ck Jay with his big nose for this BS.

    • Goony

      Shut da hell up
      jay AND kan’ get hella offended ESP. Jay when asked about this isht.


      F**k Jay Z!!! (2pac Voice) oh and Kan Yeezy to arrogant bastard…

    • the truth

      There doing this for attention, the more boderline devilish stuff they do the more attention is brought to them….more attention = more $…besides like kendrick lamar said ” how can ye and jay be in the illumanti, last time I checked the illuminati was the most racist party on earth”

    • @LipoCka

      @LipoCka The name is Aleister Crowley. Evil man!!!

    • Well

      Ms.Live@5 I have to agree with you.
      I get their aim as far as rapping about their new lifestyles, but they have become less diverse in their music. Mostly towards Jay Z. Hip Hop music in general talk about the same thing now. Kanye is one of the few that can show diversity. Since he is sharing an album with Jay, I do not think Kanye would rap about anything new/familiar to his “target audience”.

      The best rapper of all time was 2pac. No matter who he collaborated with, he stuck to his message. At this point in music, rappers are rapping about false lifestyles. Jay and Kanye may indeed be living the real deal. Give it time, people would stop caring about things that have nothing to do with them. Especially in this economy.

    • the truth

      Cosign except about pac…he is the greatest but he was also crazy…he never lived what he rapped about except for once n it may have got him killed still the best to ever do it tho… jay n ye just want to brag about how much more they got than us but they forget that the only reason they r rich is the fans… who fell in love with ye for his messages not the ye that only rap about smashing models n living lavish lifestyles… same with jigga who has been tarnishing the his legacy since comming out of retirement

    • lolita

      There was a comment earlier abt the society not liking black people, but that doesn’t mean they won’t work w/ them i.e. the gov’t. Honestly, who best knows the strengths and weaknesses of black ppl BUT black ppl?! Its just that those with the REAL power never appear to get their hands dirty. And what better way to mentally destroy the black community than to have your fellow “brother” be the scapegoat? lol. Check the messages and images from the media & wake up…

    • the truth

      I just think people are taking this stuff too seroius if they govt really wanted to the things illumaniti believers really think thier intentions r…they aleeadt have the means to do so… they controll the things most of us need to survive(water,food,gas,electricity,schools many many more things) prime example is congress halfway fixing the budget and what could we do about the future of our nations economy? Nothing at all.

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    • Sticks and Stones

      Yuck at #4! Damn who would have thought Jay Z could look any uglier. This the kind of picture you use to scare kids into acting right.

    • Lethal_Tongue

      I won’t believe in the Illuminati until they claim it…I mean fa’real tho…They must be a bunch of p.u.s.s.i.e.s. if they ain’t claimimg nothing…All this does is raise their record sales…

      We don’t believe you…
      You need more people…

    • Thetruth

      I heard the album was GARBAGE…

    • you idiots

      You are all over analyzing everything. Seriously! Shut up and enjoy!

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