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Good gracious, good God almighty! That boy good!

After thanking a list of players, coaches and families that must have been over 100 individuals long (and included Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube), Deion Sanders finally began the inspirational portion of his Hall of Fame speech. At age seven, Sanders made a promise that he would make enough money one day to make sure that his mother didn’t need to work another day in her life. When she heard this, she told him until that happened he needed to go out and mow lawns.

Sanders wanted to live a dream, but it one bigger than himself. If it’s not, he said, then there’s something wrong with the dram. It was to help his mother live a better life–that is what drove him to succeed. Every time he was told he couldn’t do something, wasn’t big enough or wouldn’t succeed, he would just think of his mother and know that he could do it and overcome everything in his path. Like Shannon Sharpe doing everything for his grandmother, Sanders did it all for his mother.

Sanders felt the need to address the concerns over his tackling ability. As he told everyone, he responded that he tackled every single bill his mother handed to him over the years. Let there be no doubt, Sanders tackled the right problems.

Peep Deion’s full speech below:

Although “Primetime’s” speech was passionate, not everyone felt the point he was trying to make.

A writer for Faux News says:

Deion Sanders’ Hall of Fame speech did not strike me the way he intended.

To me, it denigrated work more than it illustrated his devotion to his mother. To me, it celebrated one of the primary dysfunctions crippling African-American boys more than it enlightened them on how to truly pursue success. To me, it was more about putting his critics in checkmate than celebrating the sacrifices his mother made.

After watching the speech, do you agree with this writer or do you just think this was “Deion being Deion”???



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