Bossip Exclusive: Is Romeo Swirling It Up And Chopping This Down?

- By Bossip Staff

Meet Caroline “KiKi” Bentley Noble… an Atlanta transplant from Lexington, Kentucky (check the KY snapback in the pics with Romeo). We hear that Caroline is a “known” groupie with plans to eventually make her way to NYC.

We hear that Romeo’s friend Kiki has had lots of black in her. Tyga, Chris Brown, Trey Songz and Memphitz have all been “linked” to her becky backs as well.

More photos from Romeo’s b’day celebration when you continue…

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  • Mrs. Rance

    Hey what can you do? The boy is just not attracted to the sistas. Probably ain’t used to em having grown up wealthy.

  • Sue

    What is wrong w/men? She look like trash straight out the trailer park.

  • L. Chase

    Becky or not shes pretty thick for a white gurl….

  • Christielove1468

    Kaya is built like a sista! Caroline looks like a hip hop version of Kirsten Dunst.



  • thewire

    Damn she thick for a white girl. And she been “linked” to other rappers!? Haha ya she been ram through. Another groupie but a thick one though lol

  • homicidalbrainiac

    …Or maybe she’s got a nice personality and knows how to have a good time…

  • Slimbodyhottie

    Follow me @slimbodyhottie1Follow me @slimbodyhottie1Follow me @slimbodyhottie1Follow me @slimbodyhottie1Follow me @slimbodyhottie1Follow me @slimbodyhottie1Follow me @slimbodyhottie1Follow me @slimbodyhottie1Follow me @slimbodyhottie1Follow me @slimbodyhottie1Follow me @slimbodyhottie1Follow me @slimbodyhottie1Follow me @slimbodyhottie1Follow me @slimbodyhottie1Follow me @slimbodyhottie1Follow me @slimbodyhottie1Follow me @slimbodyhottie1Follow me @slimbodyhottie1

  • King Beef

    More power too him. I personally don?t see the attraction to white people. It?s got to be the money or a false sense of security. Like Kanye said, they made us hate ourselves and love they wealth. Just means more sistas for black men who love our own women.

  • D. Phil

    Some of you peoples remarks are crazy. Especially those obviously made by the women. If Romeo ask to date many of you, you would be right there with him for the same reasons the white girl is with him.


    Would you be surprised if he was hittin that?

    #King Beef us sistas love you for that!!

  • King Beef

    Game Over luv you back and all the sistas.

  • Synae

    Y’all cracks me up, bitter black & white fo’k always got somethin neg 2 say…If u like him o not, lil dude is still doin him makin somethin out of himself. 1st off he gonna live off of Rome. Dude went 2 college, u miss that part 2 busy complain he can’t ball. 2nd if u haven’t notice lil dude is on frontline NL…that lil face bring in paper…as 4 white black, 1 reason mb bcuz they ain’t sittin here blogn neg press, bcuz white fo’k knw lil homie worth. If he holla @ u u’d b cheezin juz like ol gurl in pic and if he gave u a spot on NL u’d b cheezin like ol gurl in pic.

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