Panic Time? As Expected, The Stock Market Is Crashing Big Time On The First Monday Since The Credit Downgrade

- By Bossip Staff

Thanks a bunch tea party goons and Republicans…

After the US credit rating got downgraded over the weekend, the stock market opened up and immediately plunged this morning with investors selling as fast as they can. The horrible debt ceiling plan and new credit report have combined to lead to a seemingly dire situation on Wall Street.

To make things work, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have both been downgraded. All of this has led to a worse global economy as Asia saw its markets plummet this morning as well.

Is it possibly for Congress and the House to come back together and realize that their plan sucks and it’s ruining the country so they can revise it and make a better decision? Because right now, the global economy is in shambles.

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  • team nymphis

    good luck! People who were born here are really secure wit America bein the land of plenty.but this could very well turn into the land of the very wealthy vs the dire straits.

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