Question Of The Day: Was Eric Williams Really Out Of Pocket For Throwing A Drink BACK At Jennifer? [Video]

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Now we finally know what prompted Jennifer Williams’ “margarita shower” on the latest episode of Basketball Wives.

Episode ten found Jennifer celebrating the end of her marriage to ol’ lumphead Eric with a “Divorce Party,” complete with a cake that allowed her to decapitate her ex. Jen also decided to confront Eric about the delay in the divorce proceedings.

Their little chat started out all nice, it didn’t take long to escalate into the kind of fight only people who care about each other could have. And that’s when the isht hit the fan:

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Putting his little b**** move in context, do you still think Eric was wrong for throwing that drink in her face? Here’s what Jen had to say to the Breakfast Club about it this morning:

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What do you think?

Flip the page for Eric’s commentary from this morning…

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    A divorce party is tasteless. She deserved to be excorsised with as eric said ” HOE-LY” water !

  • m

    She threw it first so it was fair for him to return the favor. We as women have to stop thinking its ok to do things to men and play victim when They retaliate. And what was the point of that divorce party? She said he’s not over her but That party had bitter ex wife or soon to be ex written all over it. I don’t think she’s real, I feel like a lot of actions are for camera and She tries so hard to be Evelyn Jr that it is just not natural.

  • Mrs. Rance

    I agree that the divorce party was in extremely poor taste and inviting a date to that kind of thing was even worse. I also agree with Eric that Jen is a shell of her former self. I’m sure she’s only acting a fool for the cameras, but there was a time that she was better than that. I don’t need her to act like Ev for her to keep my interest. She was still cool as Ev’s lady-like sidekick.

  • gina

    Ditto on the trashy divorce party! You could see anger oozing out of his head when she would not stop talking. Dude she won she exposed you!

  • baby bye!!

    I’m so grateful for dvr!! It allowed me to fast forward of a lot of these non mf’in factors like evelyn and chad sorry scripted arguement and jen’s tired “divorce party”. The whole scene looked trashy and this had to be the weakest season finale that I’ve ever seen. But to me Jen had it coming if not for her nasal and obnoxious wannabe east coast “tawk” then definitely for the fact that she threw a drink at him first. She’s probably just butt hurt because he got her good. Lmao it was like a tidal wave versus her little drizzle. With her 10 min later reacting azz baby bye!

  • SouthernBabe

    Eric was wrong for that.that divorce party is fine…after seein everything Erics ugly azz put her through! Cryin in the Spanish streets and isht. Lol. He don’t want her movin on…you can tell

  • Shinningstar

    She’s very messy with this one. All of a sudden she’s got balls and I’m sure it’s for the cameras. I don’t like him but I like her even less because she’s phony.

  • Shinningstar

    I also agree with Royce’s “Few fries short of a Happy Meal” analogy to describe Jennifer because I get that sense about her myself. She seems a bit dim witted and simple minded and needs others to think for her or prompt her to react. I also get the sense she’s stalking him because how are you NOT going to know he lives in the next building. And on top of that he’s making it clear he wants his name back and is willing to split down the line and she’s beefing about him not responding to her lawyer’s letter.

  • citykat

    divorce party is one thing but she symbolically decapitated him…thats bitter and psycho. she is talking a lot of independence yet she aint trying to be free from his cash though. how about that.

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