Snoop Explains the Educational Value of Crippin

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In an interview with, Snoop Dogg explains why he promotes Crippin including the positive side of Crippin:

I’m just tellin’ you if you’re Crippin’, you know what comes with the territory. But you don’t see me on a poster sayin, “Uncle Snoop Dogg wants you in this here Crippin’,” like Uncle Sam. This is what I am. I’m not tellin’ you to do it, but I’m sayin’ if you do do it, these are the consequences. This is what you gotta got through. This is what I went through. I make it look easy, but it ain’t easy. I had to fight a murder case. I had to fight my homies. I had to fight Mexicans, Blacks, Whites, all kinda s**t comin’ up. I didn’t get these scars on my face from just rippin’ and runnin’ down the street. That’s real s**t I had to go through.

But at the same time, when you realize what’s right and what’s wrong you have to say as a man, “I want to do what’s right.” What’s right is to educate and to elevate. I could waste a lot of time and just put out negative music and n***as would do what I say ‘cause I’m Snoop-mothaf**kin’-Dogg. King of this Crippin’, King of whatever the f**k I want to. I could be the king of New York right now if I wanted to be. Who is it, Jay-Z and 50, that’s it? Them my lil’ homeboys. If you wanna keep it real, I could be the King of mothaf**kin’ New York and mash on n***as. But I got my hand out in peace and love because I’m a grown man and I understand that when I make peace with Jay-Z and make peace with 50 and I sincerely love them and treat them with respect and love all their homeboys, I get more out of it. The game expands more as opposed to me sayin, “I’m riding with the mothaf**kin’ West Coast, n***a. F**k y’all n***as. It is what it is.” I been on that page before. I ain’t get far. When I was on Death Row, I was on that page. It was, “F**k everybody!” And nobody wanted to see me or none of the people I was moving with, and I didn’t like that. Because that’s the reputation I was trying to get rid of as a youngster, so why would I bring that in as a musician; as a businessman. So you know, don’t be offended by this Crippin’, because this Crippin’ is very educational. This is a man trying to save lives as opposed to take lives.

Negro are you crazy? No matter how you twist it, it is GANG BANGING— there will never be any thing good about that.

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