What The Hell??? Trigger Happy Cop Shoots And Paralyzes Unarmed Man… Then Sues The NYPD For Not Giving Him OT!!!

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Meet Ahmed Evans — he’s paraplegic thanks to a careless cop who shot him in the back, even though he wasn’t armed. Now that same shady officer — Daniel Hernandez– thinks he should be compensated for getting benched by the NYPD while they investigate the shooting, so he filed a $6mil lawsuit!!!! SMH.

Here’s the details:

A Brooklyn cop who could be axed from the force for shooting an unarmed man and paralyzing him is suing the NYPD for denying him overtime while he’s stuck on desk duty.

Officer Daniel Hernandez claims that as a result of being kept off the street since July 2008, he’s been “damaged in his employment, and has suffered economically, humiliated, emotional distress and conscious pain and suffering,” according to his complaint in Brooklyn Federal Court.

He thinks he’s entitled to $6 million in damages.

But Hernandez has legal woes of his own – he is being sued in Brooklyn Supreme Court by Ahmed Evans, the suspect he shot who will be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

The NYPD firearms discharge review board ruled that Hernandez violated department guidelines for the use of deadly force when he shot Evans – wanted for violating an ex-girlfriend’s order of protection.

Evans was crawling out from under a van parked on Vernon Ave. in Bedford-Stuyvesant when the cop fired one shot, striking him in the back between the shoulder blades.

Evans’ lawyer, Kenneth Ramseur, blasted what he called the “profound audacity” of the cop’s suit.

“Because of his negligence and lack of training he shot a human being in the back and paralyzed him, and he says the Police Department is treating him unfairly?” Ramseur fumed. “He’s somebody who shouldn’t be a cop.”

Hernandez initially claimed he “was scared” because he thought Evans reached for his waistband, according to NYPD documents.

Later, Hernandez admitted he really couldn’t see much because of poor lighting conditions.

The cop was slapped with disciplinary charges for shooting Evans “without having probable cause to believe that he must protect himself or another person from imminent death or serious physical injury,” Capt. Timothy Trainor concluded in the review board report.

City lawyers are reviewing the cop’s suit, Law Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Thomas said.

This is some bullsh*t. They need to tell this dude he’s not even entitled to a JOB after robbing this man of the use of his legs.

Daniel we have three words for you.



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  • http://google SMH

    He was somewhere he wasn’t supposed to be but theres no excuse for the way he got caught up, I hope he gets some type of compensation for being crippled. The pig should go to prison like everyone else!

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