Food Stamp Flow: 10 Rappers That Probably Won’t Reach The Forbes List Any Time Soon

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When the infamous Forbes list of richest rappers for 2011 came out, we noticed a few familiar faces were missing. And, chances are, they probably won’t be seeing the list for a long time.

Let’s take a look at 10 rappers that probably won’t be seeing the pages of Forbes for at least a year.

DMX – He’s spent the better part of the last five years in and out of jail and those white lines. Just over a decade ago, he was the biggest rapper in the game. Unless he can calm those demons and that crazy sauce he’s emitting, we won’t be seeing Earl on the list.

Beanie Sigel – Beanie has had some IRS problems as of late, and it’s a shame, too. Maybe instead of dissing Hov, he should have been asking for a loan don’t you think?

Lil Kim – The Queen Bee may not hold any crowns in the financial game. It took all these years for Nicki Minaj to be the first female to make the list, so it’ll be a while before we see Kim come anywhere close.

Gucci Mane – You do understand that most of these rappers on the list made their money from other endorsements, right? Who’s gonna endorse somebody whose face is already sponsored by Ben & Jerry? Answer? Not a single person. Sorry Gooch.

Waka Flocka – He did some PETA endorsements but that’s about it. Imagine Waka in a board room saying anything remotely intelligible. Well…the same could be said for George W. Bush, but you know what we mean.

T.I. – Tip has been in jail for a couple of years now, and he’s got a lot of work to do when he returns in September. He used to be on the list, so it’s possible he’ll come back…just not for a while. Tiny probably makes more money than him right now.

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    The Game – Talk about someone losing relevance. The Game is out tossing stupid disses around and trying to get anyone to care about his album. Good luck, Jayceon.

    The Rest Of G-Unit – 50 is slowly sliding down the list and the rest of the guys he had in G-Unit aren’t going to come close. Young Buck? Remember Olivia? They’re gone with the wind and are all hopefully enjoying some sort of G-Unit severance.

    Lil Boosie – He’s going to be in jail until the Resurrection so his chances are definitely null and void. All we can hope for is his daughter taking over the rap game and working it out.

    Ja Rule – Rule hasn’t been a rich rapper in years and he doesn’t look to be coming close after his big in the clink. Remember his pre-jail rap album? Yeah, didn’t happen. Combine that with the fact that his shows have brought in like 30 people at a time and you’re looking at someone seriously struggling. Poor Ja.

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    • Christielove1468

      I feel sorry for Lil Boosie’s poor kids,they will grow up and be only able to visit their dad at prison. Soulja Boy is blessed making good money,but his immaturity and lack of common sense could one day cause him to lose it all.

    • King Beef

      Christielove. I agree!

    • Anonymozzz

      At least a year? Boosie just got hit wit like 5 more murder charges if he’s found guilty he won’t be on this list for another 60 years..And Soulja Boy purchasin a 55 million dollar jets n all, you woulda thought he would be on the Ballers list.

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