Some “Please Take Me Back” Swirl: Reggie Bush Is Begging Kim Kardashian Not To Marry Kris Humphries

- By Bossip Staff


Just days before Kim Kardashian ties the knot with Kris Humphries, Life & Style has learned that Kim’s ex Reggie Bush has been messaging her asking for another chance. “He’s been sending text messages to Kim and leaving her voice mails, telling her she’s making a mistake and that he’s the one for her,” an insider reveals to Life & Style. “In the past, Kim was friendly to Reggie but now she’s stopped responding.”

As recent as Aug. 4, Kim got a call from a friend relaying a message from Reggie–while she was at Vera Wang’s NYC studio for a dress fitting! “It was a friend telling Kim that her ex Reggie Bush needed to talk to her,” reveals a source close to Kim about the call. “He was begging her to call off the wedding — and give him another chance.”

Reggie’s been texting Kim using a special nickname they’ve always kept as a secret between the two of them. “She used to love that nickname,” Kim’s pal reveals, “but now that he’s using it when she’s about to get married to someone else, it’s just annoying to her.” The pal adds, “She was burned by the end of their relationship, and she’s truly moved on.”

SMH x 2.

Peep more “candids” of Kimmy Cakes getting some grub below:


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  • shell

    Don’t marry that guy Kim!

  • queenvirgo

    She’d b stupid if she leave kris for him I wouldn’t

  • nikkislim

    Reggie Bush is a fool. Why is he so stuck on these beckys? His mother, grandmother, greatgrand, aunts, cousins, etc are I’m sure beautiful Black women. Yet he chases behind beckys, who no doubt wouldn’t give him a second look if he wasn’t in the NFL. It has been proven that beckys a) wear weaves, b) get shots in their butts, and lips to enhance them, c) own stock in botox and use it frequently, d) have breast implants, and e) ARE CERTIFIED GOLDDIGGERS! Yet he, and sadly many of our brothers will not give a sister the time of day. ‘Brothers’ like him put down a sister if she’s rocking a weave. But trust she don’t need shots to enhance anything unlike beckys such as Kim and Coco, who by the way, lie and say every body part is real. Yeah right. Fake azz, plastic store bought h***!
    Reggie, keep chasing after her, because you have turned so many sister’s against you, because of your becky chasing. Trust, she was only with you because of your money. Just like she’s with the dude she’s with because of his money.
    Again, Reggie Bush you are a FOOL!!!!!!!!!!

  • Janay

    Yea she’s not leaving Kris. He’s hott and seems like a gentleman.

  • ms.kelly

    She’s intent on marriage and babies, her and Kris will make beautiful children and they seem happy in a way that she wasn’t with others. I hope for her sake after the marriage he can handle the spotlight.

  • guest

    I don’t believe that Kim loves Kris, however, I would not cancel my wedding for Reggie. Kim wanted him and he did not step up and marry her when he should have.

  • Leroy green

    @nikislim…the term “strong black woman” has completely been a big problem in a relationship. Men do not want to bump heads with a “strong black woman” tryin to be the man in the relationship. Some black women get that term mixed up and try to be the “the man” in relationship when most other races allow their men to lead black women want to run the show….u don’t see white and Asian and latina women on blogs complaining that all their men are being “sellouts” get over it already and stop tryin to be the man of the house and know your place and maybe u too can get you a man and stop worrying about with others are doing you racist

  • nikkislim

    @leroy green,
    Black women have had to be strong since they bought us here. Simple as that. White, asian, latinas all have there own issues to deal with when it comes to their men. White men are now hooking up with asians, latinas have to deal with the fact that their men are raping their sisters and children and say nothing because they want a man in the home to provide, no matter what. Maybe be harsh to say that but it is the truth. I know. I see these things happen on a daily. White women are so blind, they never see it coming when their husbands leave them for a younger model because after the age of 25 they start to crack and wrinkle.
    Black men run to others because they are weak. A real Black man will work with a sister, not want her to be docile, will have her back as she has his. They will place each other on a pedalstool. Any brother who goes over to the other side, are really saying that their mothers and grandmothers etc are beneath them.
    One of my brother’s is married to a becky and he is so clueless. He for some strange reason thinks he’s white. What he fails to realize is if he didn’t make the money he does and provide the lifestyle he’s providing, they wouldn’t give a crap about him. By the way, we have different moms so don’t make not one remark about my moms. He saw something in his mom he don’t like. And as far as his wife, she tries way too hard to be a sister. Way too hard. But trust she’s been put in her place.

  • Brooklynchick

    Preach nikkslim! You are 100% correct.

  • geekryderz

    Shouts out to Leroy green, i got tired of arguing with sistas on this site. Now i only visit drudgereport app or financial sites. How is blackmen selling out but they crown distaste for dating white guys and Consider that hitting the jackpot. And wtf somebody grandmother or moms got to do with who they date…… And if you think u gotta be rich to date white chicks, then u r clueless… U can easily get a white chick to do stuff… If thats ya thing. Only lames and square get taken by women… And that included any race of women… Plenty brothers have gotten laid off and sistas bolted out the door…

  • miz elle

    @nikislim….grow up! No one would give anybody the time of day if it wasnt for the fact of what they can do for them whether its mentally, physically, spiritually, or financially…everybody’s got an angle…if you are not marrying for love…then its got to be for one of the other reasons listed above.

  • tiredofthebs

    @leroy green

    It’s difficult talking to Black ppl like u, bcuz u hate yourself. U say Black women try to be the man, but I wonder if u feel the same way about Kris Kardashian, who was actually considering taking her ex-husband’s last name.

    Wait don’t even answer that, since u hate Black women, u prob didn’t even notice it. Or the weaves, injections, out-of-wedlock babies, or anything that goes on in society that u place on Black women. U r literally a victim of the media. U really need some soul searching, and I have two ques for u, since they claim that 70% of Black women are single, that means that women of other races marry. With that said, if they are so “great” why do 50% of their marriages end in divorce, and since non-Black women are so great, do u feel that their men are great too, I bet u don’t on the latter 😉 yet ironically, u have a love for them, and prob only grew up around Blacks, yet believe they r great, wow anthr idiot. Its a gd thing I don’t believe what the media says about Black men. If I did I wldnt address u bcuz I wld think ur too busy taking dna tests, writing someone a letter from jail, or busy marrying the first non-Black woman who notices you.

  • rita

    Do yall trip when a black girl marries a white man? Exactly! So stop dictating who ppl marry. U like who u like no matter what color they are. Everybody has their preferences. Damn! Its always about race wit yall. Smdh

  • nikkislim

    @miz elle,
    Hoodrat you don’t know me to tell me to grow up so Stfu b****!
    And they fool that said that no race is stronger than another, gtfoh. The BLACK race is the strongest race of people there is now and will ever be. Bottom line is Reggie Bush is a damn fool. Any brother who dates outside his race is a damn fool. Real talk!

  • sunshine

    Anyone who is focused on someones skin color and not how they treat you is a damn fool!..let him date whoever he wanna date aint like if he wasnt with her that he would be checkin for u…@nikki why dont u mind on own damn business and focus on who u date and not others bitter azz black woman!

  • homicdalbrainiac

    Here we go…I hate when people come here and spout their little misguided, psuedo-intellectual rhetoric and expect people to fall in line just because they’re long winded. How exactly is your (our) race the “strongest”? We grow, get sick, reproduce, die, etc just like any other person or race on this planet. Skin is just a shell into which we happen to be born. Anyone could have just as easily been born into another race. It’s the influences in our lives that really shape the people we become. Saying white chicks are gold diggers is in the same vein as saying all black chicks are hood rats. Surely we know this isn’t true even though a fair share find their way here to post. Saying that a black man who dates outside his race is a “fool” is simple-minded. Anyone who is famous is more than likely going to have a gaggle of people chomping at the bit to take advantage. I love how some people like to pretend there’s no such thing as a black gold digger. Riiiight. News flash, black people aren’t the salt of the Earth. No group is because it takes *all* kinds. Would a famous athlete dating a gold digger of the same race be more palatable because “Hey, they’re both black!”? Spare me the close-mindedness and expose yourself to a world beyond your front porch.

  • Who's the baddest......"Sho-Nuff!!!!!

    @nikkislim…..maybe they didn’t post ur comment cause everybody on here is sick of ur yappin’ and name callin’! I cosign wit ur comments @ miz elle!

  • nikkislim

    @who’s the saddest,
    How sftu. You sorry azz b****** wouldn’t know the truth if it kicked you in your stank azz. Real talk. And what u doing co signing for another hoe? Trick azz!

  • Real

    @nikkislim…poor baby did some steal ur man bcuz some1 sound old n bitter…my advice to u gurl is forgive n forget and move on boo….u sound stupid n sad like ur man left u for a becky or something…have u ever heard of love when some1 marrys for who they love. Sweety its unhealthy living n thinking like this!..u won’t make it far in society before this issue consumes u…

  • Lyssyn

    I don’t think it should b about race, its about morals. PERIOD!!! NO WAY IN HELL would I let my son marry anyone with her track record. SORRY she is a beautiful young woman, butt I would have a fit if my son brought her or anyone like her him! IJS!!!

  • Kutta Mo.Fo.

    Where is my comment?!?!?

  • Kutta Mo.Fo.

    @ Lyssyn and nikkislim

    Why don’t you both just STFU!!!! I didn’t come to this post for this isht.

  • Kutta Mo.Fo.


    Sorry, not u. I meant Real and nikkislim.

  • Who's the baddest....."Sho-Nuff!!!!

    @ Trikkislim…… Yeah dueces to u too! U and ur p**k a** dude! Good riddance! I hope this will be the last we hear from u!

  • Lisa

    I think this story is all BS!!! Kims camp is just trying to give more publicity to this tramps wedding. Reggie was lucky he left the circus when he did.!!!

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