Coming To A Cable Box Near You: We Have More Ideas For Networks That Should Get Started

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Word on the block is Tyler Perry might get his own network, so yay for him. But we have ideas for other networks we’d like to see on our television sets.

How do these networks sound? Give us your ideas!

Spike Lee Flix Network – If Tyler deserves his own network then his arch nemesis Spike Lee should get one. Spike could play all of his classics and movies that share his message and influenced him. Of course, the government would shut it down for educating us too much.

Michael Jordan Channel – Wouldn’t you love to see every MJ game that ever existed? It’d be the highest rated channel ever! He needs to buy his games from the NBA so that can happen.

Diddy Vision – If a camera followed him around long enough, he’d have enough quotables to sell a bazillion Sean John shirts. And ever 15 minutes on the dot, we’d see Tha Band walk to Brooklyn for cheesecake.

Kinda Hoe-y Channel – Think about a whole network featuring all of the television shows that feature hoes. Flavor of Love, Basketball Wives, Real Housewives of Anywhere, etc. All hoes all the time.

The Black Stand-Up Comedy Network – There’s already Comedy Central, but we don’t ever get our shows or comedies featured. So let’s just have a full network of the best stand-up shows we can imagine. Perfect for get togethers.

The Hood Fight Network – All street fights all the time. We’d love to just see people get beat up all day. It’s a wonderful stress reliever especially if it’s not us getting beat down. Joy to the world!

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    Cake Central – There’s the Playboy Channel and all that, but what if we just want some sumptuous cakes? That’s all we need. Just show us some cakes and rump shaking to help pass the time. Nobody would be able to get any work done.

    The Best Shows Ever Channel – A Different World. The Cosby Show. Fresh Prince. Yeah, these shows are on a bunch of channels, but we want a one-stop shop to find all the shows we want. We’d relive the glory days every day.

    The Wendy Williams Network – Just let her talk all day and stir up drama. She’d turn the whole celebrity world on its head. Plus she could pick her favorite movies or shows to feed the hungry gossip mongers out there.

    The Rih Rih Vacationing Network – Does she even have a job anymore? All she does is flaunt her cakes on the beach. Just give her a damn network to show off her skin on the beach so we can get it out of our systems. Sheesh.

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