Place Your Bets! Here Are The 10 Teams With The Best Vegas Odds To Win The Super Bowl

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Did you enjoy the NFL preseason games last night? You should have just for the fact that it means we’re actually having a football season. But we all want to know one thing: who’s gonna win it all?!

Well, thanks to the good folks in Vegas, we have an idea as to who is going to have a shot to take home the trophy at the end of the Super Bowl.

Green Bay Packers – (6:1) – The defending champions have a three-way tie for the best chance to win the championship. However, we haven’t seen back-to-back champs in a decade, so they have a tough road. They do, though, have their whole team coming back, so if anyone can do it, they can.

New England Patriots – (6:1) – The Patriots made some ballsy moves in the offseason, grabbing OchoCinco and Albert Haynesworthless and hoping that they’ll prove to be assets. It’s a gamble, but it may pay off for the Evil Genius and his minions.

Philadelphia Eagles – (6:1) – These guys just aren’t playing fair. They’ve scooped up just about all of the big-name players in free agency and this is their best chance at a Super Bowl run since McNabb and T.O. were running things. We’re surprised they don’t have better odds.

Indianapolis Colts – (10:1) – Their season depends on Peyton Manning’s neck and it’s a fragile situation. However, the Colts always win their division and, unless the Texans step up, things will be more of the same.

Pittsburgh Steelers – (10:1) – The Steelers made it to the Super Bowl last year and they have a shot every year thanks to their defense and the power of Mr. Rapelisberger. Never count these guys out.

Atlanta Falcons – (12:1) – The Falcons won the NFC South last year only to be crushed by the Packers in the playoffs. Adding Julio Jones to the mix should help, but they still have a tough division to contend with.

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    Baltimore Ravens – (12:1) – These guys are always so close to the chip but seem to stay getting beat by the Steelers. We don’t really believe they’ll overcome Pittsburgh. Plus, Flacco is still an unproven QB that needs to step up.

    New Orleans Saints – (12:1) – The Saints were champs two years ago, and got shocked and humiliated by the Seattle Seahawks last year. After dropping Reggie Bush, it’ll be interesting to see if it was a good move or a huge mistake.

    New York Jets – (12:1) – The Jets are the biggest sh*t talkers in the league, and they need to back it up. After nabbing Plaxico Burress, we’ll have to see how the new and improved offense looks. The defense, as always, won’t be a problem.

    San Diego Chargers – (13:1) – The Chargers have the benefit of being in the worst division in the league and they always get hot right around the end of November. But they always hit the wall in the first round or so. Same song and dance.

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