I’m Goin In: J-Hud Goes Ham On A Fan On Twitter For Questioning Her Weight Loss And “Gay” Husband

- By Bossip Staff

She lost weight, then lost her temper…

Yesterday on Twitter Jennifer Hudson exchanged heated tweets with a fan that asked about her weight loss. After taking offense J-Hud snapped back and all eHell broke loose.

Peep the tweets…

Jennifer Hudson got into a heated debate with a fan on Twitter. The twitter follower questioned the singer’s recent weight loss and made comments about the singer’s fiance David Otunga. Referring to her fiance as being gay, the fan asked the weight watcher spokeswoman if she used only Weight Watchers or did she also got some surgical help? The Oscar-winning actress made headlines this week when it was reported that she’d dropped to the controversial size 0.


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  • #1 Bottom B*tch

    I think Hudson was out of line! A fan asked her a simple question and she went into beast mode! He responded like anyone else would have! Some of these celebs need 2 humble themselves a bit more!

  • King Beef

    I don?t see where lipsfordazes was mad. She just asked a simple question and J Hud took it back to the Chi on ole girl. This is why people get murked everyday over dumb chit like this. Jen showed she?s not really mature. She went on about her awards and what not but in the same breath she said she?ll catch a flight so she can beat that girl azz. I guess that comment about her husband being homo set it off. She must have struck a nerve. Anyway it was a good catfight.

  • King Beef

    My bad I was reading and didnt really look at the the pic. I thought with a name like lipsfordays it would have been a lady. Anyway, this chit wasn?t a good look for Jen.

  • Stephgbt

    Jennifer shouldn’t have gotten so out of line answering the question but after years of trying to lose weight I bet it hit hits a nerve when someone says she did it through liposuction

  • Tammy

    after all jennifer has been through you would think she would be WAY more mature than that. the girl just asked a simple question a simple yes or no wouldve been ok. this is why artist shouldnt be on twitter it shows the TRUE them.

  • funny part is

    Proves what I thought was correct j hud is full of herself, people need to stop pitying he because A. She is ugly yes she is. B. She has saggy skin her head and teeth combination girl please. As for as the girl who gives an f. ..every artist celebrity has haters j hud really think she so a list singer no boo not in my book yelling isn’t singing. Another urban site actually posted the girls tweets she went in on j hud in my opinion

  • chay

    Its called Lap-band people. Jennifer, Jordan Sparks, Raven. Believe it!

  • mslovely

    Lips4dayz did ask a simple question but it was the way he asked it. And Celebs are humans just like we are many ppl forget that so yes sometime u strike a nerve with them they are goin to say something back. R u professional all the time??? Celebes get more heat than the average person, they have feelings too and a whole lot of ppl who don’t really know them that r all up in their personal lives!

  • King Beef

    This chit is confusing me. Not that it really matters, but is that a man or woman.

  • King Beef

    This chit is confusing me. Not that it really matters, but is that a man or woman?

  • JWeezy

    JHud need 2 becareful lil things like this can destroy her career #justsaying

  • gina

    @King Beef and geedyrk……y’all sho nuf male….. really bish shittz is crazzy dont try to figure it out..lol

  • Q

    J-hud isn’t ugly!!! Wtf do you look like to be saying that?!

  • yvonne

    I agree with the fan, all she\he did was ask a question? So why is she mad for?

  • KNB1

    First of all, I am dead at the person calling her fiance a “kiki friend!” This person just asked things that most people wonder. Jennifer really needs to calm down. It’s not cute to get hood or catch fade with fans. What people fail to realize is everyday people get roasted on Twitter for no reason; celebrities get it worse. They should know this and keep it moving. If you are a certain age going into the industry then you know if you make it even semi-big the public will be in your private life. And Jennifer was wrong for saying the person doesn’t hit the gym b/c not too long ago she was bigger than they were.

  • Naomi

    Jennifer keeps making herself look so ghetto. The last time she had it out with someone on twitter, she got ignorant, used foul language and bad grammar. Where the hell is her publicist?? Something tells me she won’t have this WW endorsement long.

  • Nicole1234

    @geekryderz YEEESSS!!! I agree with you 1000%

  • m

    It must be really hard to ignore everything people say but she is an Oscar/Grammy winner. She should have answered the question or ignored it. I don’t see the need to attack. It has to be really hard not to respond so I can understand her frustration over a repeatedly asked question but at her career level she has to shake it off. People on twitter sometimes set out to upset Celebs but they have to learn to let it go. Who cares if she had surgery anyway she looks great. A lot of people on twitter have 0 lives so of course They sit and hate but celebs should let them hate and learn to ignore.

  • Regina

    Everything that was said was not posted. That girl went in on Jhud.

  • Common Cent$

    And they call my girl fantasia a rat lol but seriously she should have just blocked her after the first message and left it alone threatening her isn’t proving anything johnny gill is already being sued for something he said on twitter as a celebrity she should be smarter then that

  • King Beef

    Gina I didn?t take no offense. You didn?t say nothing wrong. Hope you having a good day. Peace

  • Christielove1468

    I believe that the fact that It would had made perfect sense had JHud simply just blocked that young ladyfrom her page,Now 1984Lips4Dayz may be able to file a lawsuit against JHud for making a terroristic threat. JHud seemed to really have gotten incensed by when 1984Lips4Dayz questioned about her weight loss and her husband’s sexuality,perhaps Lips4Dayz was telling the truth all along. As that saying goes;The truth will always set you Free!

  • Steelcitychick

    @Christielove1468…I agree with you….most people wouldn’t get offended with a question like that, if it was truely how they ost all that weight! But most liers get hostile when their put on the spot about their lies!….am I wrong?
    But the fan was outta line for bringing her baby daddy into it!

  • Common Cent$

    Let’s be real now I highly doubt that this was a fan or that this was meant to be an innocent question people try all the time to get on these celebs twitter pages and start sh*t however that doesn’t justify her tacky response she has too much to lose over a twitter beef she should have just blocked her or made a joke out of it either that or delete her twitter account and be done

  • Brasil

    Jhud shouldve just ignored the question or blocked that person frm twitter. She too grown to be acting in such a matter and she has been blessed too…. What other urban site had all of the tweeting bck and forth I wanna see it…..

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