Ho Sitteth Yo A$$ Down: Gloria Govan Compares Draya To Royce Reed… Talks “Basketball Wives : L.A.” And Wedding Plans!

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More “Basketball Wives: L.A.” chitchatter from Miami’s most hated… Gloria Govan.

The premiere season of Basketball Wives L.A. hits VH1 on Monday, Aug. 29 (at 8 PM ET/PT) and Gloria Govan followed in her sister’s footsteps and spoke with the Loop21 about the show. Check out the excerpts below:

Why did you decide to join the cast of “Basketball Wives L.A.?”

Gloria Govan: I’m obviously a huge fan of the Miami show but when we moved to L.A. when Matt [Barnes] got traded to the Lakers, Shaunie [O’Neal] had offered me the opportunity to do the spin-off … this time you can be around people that you like and that you know and so that’s why. I like these girls and I had the opportunity to jump on board.

Hmmmm… She’s obvious a huge fan of the Miami show? That’s a typo, riiight?

So why did you choose Draya Michelle? She’s not tied to a specific basketball player.

Draya was chosen on the cast because we met Draya through acting class and she seemed like a real sweetheart. Not necessarily knowing her background per se, but just knowing she had some involvement. She kind of plays the role of Royce [Reed] I guess you could say, in terms of her role on Basketball Wives L.A. That’s one of the reasons. We just wanted to give everybody a different dynamic, a 3D version of what we have to deal with as wives and different points of view.

Sorry but this is where we have to say something. Um, hold up Gloria — Draya kinda plays the role of Royce? We don’t think so. Draya leaves her child at home ALONE to eat frozen dinners whiles she is shakin’ it at Delilah’s or chasin’ celebrity peen out of state. Royce is the mother of the son of one of the most biggest, man-banginest, giant-shoulders havin’ NBA stars out there. Royce has a DEGREE and she was also an NBA dancer!


More on Gloria co-starring with her sister on “Basketball Wives: L.A.” when you continue…

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  • nikkislim

    Gloria told Royce she would never be wifey. Well neither she or her sister are wifey’s. Royce isn’t a felony like Gloria. Royce didn’t have to change grades or pay someone to change her grades to get her degree. These chicks have all those kids by dudes he clearly don’t wish to wife them up.

    Been married 19 years, got married first then had children. Having children doesn’t make a man want to marry you. Just my opinion.

  • Umm Ok

    Draya is a trifling ho, smh. Her poor kid must need serious therapy.

  • Tameshia

    How much crystal meth did this skank smoke before this interview? Better yet, why is she being offered interviews?

  • Mrs. Rance

    Is she an executive producer or something? She made it sound like she gave Draya the super neglegent parent stripper ho a job. And to compare that ho to Royce?!? GTFOH This girl gets on my nerves to no end. I hope there is a Tami character to beat her azz.

  • Santiago


  • Santiago


  • Santiago


  • happy

    Gloria, pleeeeeease wake up and STOP making excuses as to why he WON’T marry you. It’s been how many YEARS that you’ve known and lived with that man??? Girl, you are clearly the FREE cow. It is asinine and utterly absurd for you not to see that you’re just the chick for right now. I’m sure there will be another baby on the way because the fruit doesn’t fall too far from the BRANCH. Rofl! Girl, get you some confidence and high self esteem. Maybe then, he will consider you worthy of carrying his last name. You and your sister are DUMB and DUMBER.

  • the truth and whole truth

    @ happy


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