New Couple??? Tika Sumpter And Jason Derulo Spotted Swapping Spit And “Making Out In Front Of Everyone” At NYC Club

- By Bossip Staff

Ummm, Jason Derulo, though????

Things are heating up between singer Jason Derulo and “Gossip Girl” star Tika Sumpter. After the preview party for his new album, “Future History,” at the James Hotel the other night, the pop star and Sumpter headed to 1Oak, where a spy said they were “making out in front of everyone.”

Sumpter didn’t attend the bash at the rooftop of the hotel earlier that night, where Derulo presented his new tracks to guests. Sumpter stars in Derulo’s new video, “It Girl,” and the two were spotted on a frozen-yogurt date last week in LA.

Thoughts on this one??


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  • Shanshan

    Jason Derulo can get it! His dance moves make me weak!

  • Ms No No

    I thought he was only into white girls… But good for him she’s cute

  • Lisa

    Nice clean cu couple. I like them both, he is not one of those industry thugs.

  • santosilver

    I thought he was gay… Those dance moves are sooo fruity lol

  • Shai

    Yes his dance moves are pretty can it make you weak? Lol

  • Rachel

    Yeah guess he is gay because he is not running around looking like a thug and disrespecting women. I guess to the hoodrats that would set off the gaydar. SMDH!! Little tip!! Those so called. Thugs that you all worship are the ones that pop up being on the DL.

  • Brasil

    Yeah I thought he was into swirling but guess not! Good for him, he seems like a decent guy

  • southern twist

    black people are bottom feeders i get sick.of people saying every black man gay! Look at white stars they do alot more suspect stuff but no one is jocking them! Only blacks with stupidity … Anyway they look cute together

  • Christielove1468

    He looks nice in a suit other than those skinny jeans for a change,Tika is lovely.

  • ChicaChe

    Cute couple…

  • so what?

    Not buying this at all. He just wants to tap into black women’s pockets buy being seen to date one.

  • Kim

    All black men are gay, its true, and who in the world wants to date a dirty diseased thug? uhh yuck..they’re are either gay or thugs simple.

  • loc

    Hell i thought his azz was gay too he comes off very zesty and not because he is not thuggish…fyi ppl there are homo thugs i have a gay male friend and thats all he dates so please stfu not all gays are flaming and not all feminine men are gay but he just seemed like it to me!

  • Mrs. Rance

    I had to click on this article to get an idea who Tika is since I keep seeing blog posts on her. If I have ever heard of the guy I don’t remember. I’m glad to see that they are two successful people who are enjoying each other. Good luck to them.

  • hahahahaha

    I spy a baby bump….

  • 7lady

    Thanku and same to you. I don’t know what I said to strike a nerve with one of the other posters. I wish she could communicate without insults. I clearly stated that this man in no way is gay to me. Acting civilized and respectful does not make one gay. And how do I come off bitter if I’m clearly stating I’m the dumb azz if i continue to date the bad boy type. Oh I’m very aware its not what’s happening. I definitely want a good guy who’s not too cool to dance.

  • Cici & Coco -The Besties

    He’s a cornball lol

  • http://yahoo who cares

    Thugs and gay,cornball why are black men called these names then black women wonder why their are not married that why you are just babies mamas and not married.

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