This Dude Truly Ain’t Shyte

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This is just horrible… We’ve seen some pretty bad parent cases, but this disgusting excuse for a human being has to be among the worst. He was arrested for killing his 7-year-old son who suffered from cerebral palsy. Wright allegedly decapitated the boy over the kitchen sink, also cutting off his feet and one of his hands and then leaving the head outside where the child’s mother would see it. SMH.

Here are the details:


Jeremiah Lee Wright, 30, of Thibodaux has confessed to killing Jori Lirette, Police Chief Scott Silverii said. He said Wright was booked with first-degree murder and was held Monday in lieu of $5 million bond.

Silverii's spokesman, Detective Ricky Ross, said he does not believe Wright has an attorney.

Silverii said the motive was unclear, though Wright told police "that he'd gotten to the point where he was tired of taking care" of the boy, who had cerebral palsy and heart problems, needed a feeding tube and was in a wheelchair.

"He said when he put his head out by the side of the road it was so the mother would see it when she came by," Silverii said. He said Wright's only explanation for doing so was "just that he wanted her to feel stupid when she saw the head."

The police chief said Jori's feet and one hand also were cut off, recovered with the body in several white plastic garbage bags.

Police had been called to the house last month when the couple had an argument – possibly about money – though neither person brought charges, Ross said. The police chief said Wright had been arrested a few times previously, though he was never charged with violent crimes. Wright served 10 days for theft in 2005.

Silverii said friends had taken the child's mother, Jesslyn Lirette, 27, to try to fix her broken-down car on Sunday. Lirette – who lived with Wright but was not married to him – returned to a home blocked with police tape.

When she identified herself, Silverii had Ross, who had been her minister for 12 years and remains a lay pastor, and a captain tell her what had happened to her son, a second-grade student at South Thibodaux Elementary School.

"These are experienced men. They came out of there in tears. Just absolutely in tears," Silverii said.

Grief counselors from the Lafourche Parish Sheriff's Office also spent time with her, he said.

The slaying was the first since 2008 in Thibodeaux, which is about a 60-mile drive west of New Orleans.

Silverii said the boy apparently was decapitated over the kitchen sink, which was sent to the Louisiana State Police crime lab along with a box of tools found nearby. An autopsy taking place Monday in Jefferson Parish would identify when the child died and what was used to decapitate and dismember the boy, Silverii said.

This is just horrible. This man needs to be put UNDER the jail and then have his head cut off repeatedly in the afterlife — kinda like Prometheus and his eternity of liver-pecking.

Sidenote… Officer Ricky Ross was the detective on the scene?


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  • sexxy

    Hmmmm this is sad,#RIP to the little boy.and my prayers are with the mom.

  • rigch

    That’s good they got em. Its jus what we need another white off the street

  • rigch

    That’s good they got em. Its jus what we need another white off the street. Am I only one who caught that detective Ricky ross

  • Steelcitychick

    Wow….murdering a child, and a defenseless one at that! I hope and pray he gets what’s coming to him, if not in this life, in the next! I hope his soul never rests! Piece of shyt!

  • B

    that bastard doesnt have a soul, seriously why would anyone with an ounce of emotion do thiz.. He haz to be on some drugz

  • hb

    I totally feel you, King Beef. I live not too far away from where this happened (maybe 30 miles) and this has sent shock waves through the area. There was a press conference today in which the mother and principal of little Jori spoke- beyond heart wrenching. Some people are laying blame on the mother because it is alleged she left the boy in the father’s care without notice for days at a time, but hearing her speak it’s impossible to feel anything but immense sadness for her and her family. The principal of the school Jori attended said that he was popular and well liked/loved despite his disabilities and grief counselors were called in to help students and faculty process this tragedy. I’m usually quite jaded when it comes to crimes of this nature because I studied many murder cases as part of my major, but this has weighed heavily on my heart. It’s said the hardened police officers were reduced to tears after witnessing the carnage…(Btw: I usually post as ‘homicidalbrainiac’, but felt it was inappropriate in this case)

  • Kris

    Something is clearly very, VERY wrong with this piece of chit. I’m pretty sure at some point in time there was possibly some major brain damage to the frontal lobes of his brain, which controls emotions, reactions and reasoning. But damn, his brains got to be damn near GONE to be able to do some evil chit like this. My God I can’t even begin to wrap my brain around this. RIP little Jori at least youre not in any pain anymore.

  • #1 Bottom B*tch

    I can’t believe that there are monsters like this amongst civilization! Just the thought of what that poor child had 2 endure makes my heart crumble! I can’t begin 2 imagine the heartache and rage that the mother is now burdened with! God bless her and her baby! RIP! Jesus please take him in Ur arms and never let him go! Amen!

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