For Discussion: Who Was The Biggest Troublemaker On Season 3 Of “Basketball Wives”?

- By Bossip Staff

Last night Vh1 aired the first part of their “Basketball Wives” Season 3 reunion show and while the episode seemed a little less fiesty than last year’s show, reliving the events of the past season made us wonder which one of these ladies proved to be the biggest source of drama over the last few months.

We figured we’d take a brief moment to poll you guys on who you think the biggest troublemaker was…

Before you go, make sure you weigh in on who looked more bangin at the reunion as well. We live tweeted the reunion and while Tami Roman’s hair got a lot of negative attention, many of our followers said Royce Reed was “most improved” in the fashion department.

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  • soopa


  • m

    The show is edited so its hard to put it on one person. They all talk about each other so They all are troublemakers. I don’t know what kind of circle of friends is that.

  • Lala

    Meeka & Suzie of course..

  • nikkislim

    Meeka, hands down is messy. She started off with negative talk from the start. She talked about Royce, all because she’s a dancer. She talked about Tami, for what? She didn’t know them to talk, but Tami put her in check with that slap to the fo head. Still laughing @ that.

  • yvonne

    Tami n Royce, the latter being immature and irritating as hell. Tami just ghetto, period.

  • Gigs78

    Meeka!! Tami always been a live wire. That’s why we tune in… Admit it!
    But Meema is old high school messy. And deserves to be ousted! She run her mouth worse than Suzie. It’s not attractive at all!!!

    W/out Meeka there, Tami would still be going at it with Evelyn.

  • adina

    Royce was looking cute Tami wig didn’t fit her but I’m digging the color of the hair tho Jen had on to much make up Suzie is a ghost like always u don’t notice her meeka looks like meeka Evelyn looked a little bit off shaunie wtf were u wearing girl n that hair uh uh its cute but on somebody else

  • Melissa

    You can get those earrings here. Only 5 left definitelyglam dot com

  • Miss_Understood

    1 Suzie
    2 Meeka
    3 Tami
    4 Evilyn

    Best Styled:
    1 Jenn
    2 Evilyn
    3 Shaunie

  • Jesse

    These women are all scum.

  • Mrs.

    Hands down shaunie!

  • Mrs. Rance

    It’s really hard to say. I couldn’t even answer the survey. All I can say for certain is it wasn’t Jen and maybe not even Ev.

  • Soilder of Love

    Tami & Shaunie definitely! The letter Meeka wrote was addressed to Shaunie yet she choose to read it to all the girls to keep some type of drama going. Jen gave Royce a makeover & she still talked S H I T, if Royce didn’t want the makeover then she should’ve no @ the very beginning. That was the best she’s looked since she started filming! Shaunie must’ve taken Tami w/her to get her hair done because both of their hair was a S H I T T Y!!!

  • Why Me

    THR Tami HOODRAT Roman!

  • 347

    As much as I didnt like MEEKA AT ALL. This show is really starting to show Shaunie’s true colors. She is more than a puppet master…that bish is a crab azz fa real.

  • AMBER2xs

    Shaunie is the most messy bishe hands down… She came up with this shyt…

  • Jesse

    Meeka gets dogged because she’s the darkest skinned one. I mean Tammy straight put the high beams on Meekas color with her “black @ss” remark… No one said a thing to Tammy about that mess.

    Lol @badinka…
    The late Robin Harris possibly Meekas father… Haha

  • #1 Bottom B*tch

    Suzie was the lowest b*tch of them all! I don’t know what kept Meeka 4rm chin-check’n that hoe!

  • takeria


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