UPDATE: White Powder Found In The Room Of Dead Florida Pastor Zachery Tims!!

- By Bossip Staff

A white powdery substance believed to be narcotics was discovered on the body of a 42-year-old Florida pastor who was discovered dead in a hotel room in Times Square, a law enforcement official said Monday.

The plot thickens…

The cause of death for Rev. Zachery Tims, Jr., who led an 8,000-member ministry in Orlando, was still pending.

Tims’ body was found Friday afternoon when housekeepers at the W Hotel attempted to clean his room but found it latched from the inside. Hotel security opened the door and found Tims lying on his back between the bedroom and living room area.

According to a law enforcement official, police found a glassine envelope with a white powdery substance inside the right pocket of his shorts. The substance was being tested, according to a law enforcement official.

Another law enforcement official familiar with the case said, “what that white powdery substance is and whether it played a role in Mr. Tims’ death is still to be determined.”

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  • http://bossip glow

    Wow.so he left the door open and the enemy sneaks in at his weakest point..the devil is defiantley on the prowl..Zacharey you should of stayed prayed up..R.I.P.am heart felt that thee enemy took you to a early grave..SMH

  • sexxy

    @glow his hotel room door was close,they have to get security to get the door open….that mean whtevr happens in that room was between him n God i hope……..may his soul RIP………

  • rigch

    I say faux em. Nothing sad here all I see is an adulterous coke head whos dumbed his people down with that christian bs.

  • Toshiana

    @ sexi ~ honey u r dumb, go purchase a bible n read it and it will teach all about,god and spiritually. Don`t b so quick to comment when u don`t understand what people r talking about. U just made an a** out of yourself.educate yourself

  • loc

    @toshiana practice what you preach…

  • TOomuch

    THis is just too much… This is one pastor i really liked and looked forward to hearing his messages… I cant believe he’s gone… He was one of my favorites… Thats why i pray for our spiritual leaders they need our prayers

  • Toshiana

    @a rare bit*h~ shut up n kiss my a** u sound like a dumb trick as well

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