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At Q Tip’s ” The Renaissance” Release Party, Nas was seen tied up with the old school M.C. and no Kelis. Hmm…. The stunning Nia Long attended as well as Estelle who looked unusually burned out.

Take a gander.

When you check under the hood we have more of Q Tip and them…

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  • Hannibal {MCCAIN/PALIN 08}

  • Lacombe Redbone

    I love Q tip and Nas! …wish i was there!

  • dapro11(america suprise us and let a black man guide us


  • elle

    I like Estelle’s jacket..but, as far as her overall appearance, she always look like somebody’s daggone grandma.

    Nia is gorgeous!

  • shaunyc56

    Not a wack ringtone rapper in sight. Maybe hip hop does have a chance.

  • Purpple

    Daym I love me some Nas, i must admit its the looks but the mentals have kept me inlove with him for over 10 years. hi RZA, Talib and that londer actor guy yall looking nice.

  • Purpple

    Nas is my man always, love him he so fine and the mentals keep me lovin him. Whuz up Rza, Talib and that london actor guy, yall lookin real nice.

  • Anton Slizzardhands

    Hrrrmmmm… . .. .. Posateev Rapperz…hmmm

  • The Bear

    Thats one CD I think might be worth buying or at least downloading.

  • SheSayz

    Q-Tip is maturing very sexily well, he look guuud!

  • SheSayz

    Q-Tip is aging in a might fine manner. U can get it,Daddy

  • MoreKetchupPlease

    More Tip,please

  • stop it

    Why didn’t they get Nia long to play Condeleeza Rice in the Bush movie? She looks more of a dead ringer than Thandie Newton.

  • Nik

    Tip still got it!

  • joey b

    why q-tip lookin like oj simpson

  • Southerntech

    Wow a record release party with not one crap commercial rapper there, I wish I was invited.

  • HarlemWorld

    Word! Esco Let’s go!

  • Vee

    Q-Tip looks old…

  • osoreal

    I love Q-Tips voice. Where was Kelis? It’s not like she had anything else to do. Maybe she was out with Blu? Overall everyone looks rich & happy.

  • ebGCH

    Q-Tip is damn delicious.

  • ebGCH

    Q-Tip is damn delicious!!

  • Jessie

    Nas, It’s time!

  • noelle

    Estelle who looked unusually burned out.

    does she smok or something?

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