Ho Sit Down: U.S. Diplomat In India Calls The Native Folks Skin “Dark” And “Dirty”

- By Bossip Staff

Did no one interview this dumb@$$ before she got a job as a “diplomat”???

A U.S. diplomat’s remarks calling Indian Tamils “dark” and “dirty” has national leaders calling for her to be expelled from the country.

Maureen Chao, an American consul diplomat in India, shocked students at SRM University in southern India Friday when she recounted her first trip to the country in 1989.

“I was on a 24-hour trip from Delhi to Orissa. But, after 72 hours, the train still did not reach the destination…and my skin became dirty and dark like the Tamilians,” Chao told students, according to the Hindustan Times.

Chao’s comments enraged the Tamil community, an Indian ethnic group, with leaders calling for her to be kicked out of the country.

“This remark which smacks of racism is highly condemnable,” said Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa in a letter to the U.S. consul obtained by The Hindu.

“I would like to request you to impress upon Ms. Maureen Chao that she has to withdraw this remark and also apologize for having made such a comment on the Tamils,” Jayalalithaa said.

What the hell was this broad thinking about? There’s no way she could have thought that “dark” and “dirty” would be acceptable ways to describe a group of people. SMH


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  • Asia

    No its called having pigment and Gods gift melanin..

  • team nymphis

    wait till you hear what she said about nigerians

  • adolph

    Hey its true they look like big turds

  • nikkislim

    I see you crawled out from under your rock, you know the one in the cave, to start in on the negative comments about people of color. Since you don’t like people of color, stay of this site.
    You are the worst type of racist and biggot. You hide behind a computer and spew your hate. I guarantee you would never say anything like you post to someone’s face. You would get that azz kicked, especially here in the 601.

    Go crawl back to your cave and get under your rock.

  • StuckInDaMatrix

    Another attack on melinated people of color.

  • team nymphis

    adolph is the kind of hunky who’ll beat his parents to death with a hammer for yellin about ridin his skateboard in the house.

    Fck you bleach bich

  • nikkislim

    @team nymphis,

    That was s*** was funny azz h***! True but funny.

  • Petri

    Reading comprehension is a beautiful thing. Her statement was not racist. She simply stated the due to the long train ride SHE got dirty. Not that the people were dirty. It may have been a dirty dusty train ride and at the end her skin color resembled that of the Indians. Smh… Not everything is racist.

  • Toshiana

    @petri~ shut ur freakin mouth n stop taking up for this trick that was a racist comment she made, r u really that dumb r just stupid

  • ByrdLady

    I have pretty good reading comprehension skills…the article says “and my skin became dirty & dark like the Tamilians” It sounds as if she said Tamilians are dirty & dark…she may not have meant it like that but that’s how it sounds.

  • I Aint Mad at Ya

    if these are the type of ”diplomats” representing the U.S . . . ? nowwwww I understand why the Chinese are dominating worldwide economically while the U.S depends on its military.

  • Mr. N Word

    I truly don’t think she was trying to be malicious, but it is this sort of unconscious racism that Whites need to be wary of. They often know not how history, White Privilege (something many of them are still unconscious of) and their lack of tact and sensitivity intersect. Unfortunate choice of words, but as a DIPLOMAT (one who is supposedly trained in diplomacy) speaking to students, she should have self-edited better. Seems like she was just saying that the conditions of the long ride left her with a tan and covered in dirt.

  • Petri

    Mr N word It appears you’re smart too, and logical.

    Stop looking for racism where there is none. I find black people to be the most racist of all race. We are racist amoungst ourselves. Toshiana, Toshiana, Toshiana…. Nice ghetto name! Your opinions mean squat. The dumb one is the one that doesn’t spell full words….. It’s “are” and “you”.
    Geturown (another non speller)
    You sound crazy.. Crazy as hell. It’s just my opinion not a reason to attack so abrasively. A person’s speech usually refects their level of understanding… So once again.. Your opinion means squat.
    Excuse me if this post twice if at all!!!

  • Asia

    No actually white people are the most racist. Regardless to how it was meant it is wrong. My comprehensive skills are well she believes melanin rich skin is dirty. Its vice versa edomites!

  • Toshiana

    @petri f**k u~ my name is not ghetto my mom is asian n my father is african american. I consider myself as black, and i will wup ur a** raised in atl. I love my black people u must b a cracker, stop acting dumb trick.

  • #1 Bottom B*tch

    Even if she didn’t mean 4 the comment 2 be offensive, it clearly shows that she still lacks respect 4 ppl with darker skin tones! Her inner hatred exposed itself accidently!

  • Follow me

    @whoisglynisjane…. Smh thats a damm shame

  • Speculating

    I am not taking up for her because I do feel that, as a diplomat, she could have used a better choice of words. However, I don’t think she was being racist. Just because a news article chooses to put an ampersand in between two words, does not mean that’s how she said it. She may have said her skin became dirty, and [also] dark like the Tamilians. Surely this woman has more sense than to speak Ill of an entire group of people who live there. Racism is alive and well, but I don’t think this was an instance.

  • keeping the faith

    Your name IS NOT ghetto. Its a pretty name. Original. I like it. Petri was wrong for going in on your name. A name doesn’t make you ghetto. People called me ghetto for years, people outside my family, because I speak my mind, straight, no chaser. Funny thing about calling me ghetto is none of them how, and where I grew up, which was a very privledge upbringing. Not bragging, just stating a fact. So I say that to say this: a name doesn’t make you ghetto, how you speak doesn’t make you ghetto. Its your frame of mind that make a person ghetto. Petri, how’d you like if someone said your name was ghetto?

  • replytokris

    At the macro level, racism denotes have power over those “races” you deem inferior. How can blacks be “racist”? And how is saying whites have flat butts an example of bigotry. There is an extreme hatred for blacks by whites. I am not sure we can say the reverse – to the extent at which we are reminded everyday that they don’t consider us equals.

  • team nymphis


    Fck these keeblers! I don’t give a fck what they think of us. We need to stop caring bout what they think and KNOW that no race is superior to another.let THEM do THEM and stop seekin their approval and acceptance.they food turn to shxt like everybody elses.

  • loc

    Toshiana is a ghetto name….

  • keeping the faith

    Wow! Its really sad that people of color speak so bad about their own. Please stop! We have it hard enough as it is too down ourselves this way. People are entitled to their opinions. We may not agree with them. But they are just opinions. There is no need for the name calling, degrading each other, etc… I read several sites daily, mainly newspapers and news sites and whites don’t do these things. For the most part they stick together, with the exception of people who hurt children.
    Let’s learn to respect each other and from there we can go forward and progress to better things. I know I sound square and maybe even corny. My kids tease me all the time. I say I’ve mellowed out.
    Love and blessings to each of you.


  • team nymphis

    keep the faith

    Fck you .don’t come on a black site tellin us how well behaved white people are.you sound like the type of trick that wouldn’t eat chicken in front of hunkies. Get some self respect and stop lickin yt azz.the bleach is not good for you.

    Tell your kids I’m sorry their mother is a undercover ghost lover

  • Kutta Mo.Fo.

    That s*hit came off mad ignorant, regardless of if she intended to or not. I’d say make her her get “dark and dirty” and stay that way for a whole week and she how cool she be then.

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