Side-Eye: Rolling Stone Names The King Of Hip-Hop…See Who Made The List And Sound Off On The Controversy!

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Rolling Stone is trying to talk about Hip-Hop again, and the results are quite controversial.

They just named their King of Hip-Hop and the choice will get some reaction. But first, here’s the top 20 according to the magazine based on album sales, rankings on the R&B/hip-hop and rap charts, YouTube views, social media, concert grosses, industry awards and critics’ ratings from 2009 to July 2011.

Here goes!

20. Big Boi – As a member of one of the legendary groups of all Hip-Hop, we support his position here as a solo artist. If this were duos, Kast would be tops, though.

19. Kid CuDi – Yeezy’s little homie would be higher on the list if “drama” and “tightest pants” were a factor. Sadly, they’re not. But 19 isn’t too shabby for the newcomer.

18. Lupe Fiasco – Despite his nonsense about Obama and acting a fool for Billy O’Reilly, Lupe had a good year with his album sales. So he gets some love…but boy did Lasers suck dog toes or what?

17. Waka Flocka – We assume that he got some major love for the popularity of his singles to offset what is probably pretty low critical reviews. Still, Waka doesn’t have a chance of number one.

16. B.o.B. – Bobby Ray took the game by storm last year, so that probably gets him a ton of cred on the list. We’ll see if he keeps it up.

15. Wiz Khalifa – Amber Rose’s baby momma is climbing the charts one doobie at a time. Of all the newcomers, he has the best chance of climbing the list.

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    14. Fabolous – We’re so happy he made the list! We haven’t used that picture all week!

    13. Pitbull – Ahem. *taps mic* WHAT IN THE MOTHERFAWK IS PITBULL DOING ON THIS LIST?! When was the last time Miami’s Dr. Evil was remotely relevant? Name the most recent Pitbull song you remember hearing on the radio…don’t worry, we’ll wait.

    12. Diddy – Has he even released a rap album in the last few years? And no, that Dirty Money thing surely didn’t count. His Internet popularity probably got him to this point, though.

    11. Snoop Dogg – Snoop’s been a major name for damn near 20 years. It’s pretty remarkable that he was able to land himself a spot on a list of top Hip-Hoppers at his age.

    10. T.I. – Here’s another questionable pick. Tip’s been in jail for most of the last two years so we’re not sure how in the blue heavens he managed to get on a list, especially a top 10.

    9. Gucci Mane – Gucci’s been in the clink for the most part as well, so we’re not sure what’s going on here. He still has a strong following…but there’s no way he has any great reviews.

    8. Ludacris – When’s Luda dropping another album?! It’s been a while since Theater Of The Mind and the streets are fiendin’ for a new one! Give us some more of that Luda. He’s still earned a top 10 spot though.

    7. Rick Ross – Ricky Rozay definitely deserves a solid spot thanks to the way he’s been burning up the rap game these days. It’s a rare accurate placement on the list. Way to go, RS.

    6. Nicki Minaj – She’s in the running for “King” of Hip-Hop? Yup. Might as well, as she’s tougher than some of the dudes on the list and she could probably knock out a few soft a$$ rappers. But the way she’s dominating the game means she earned her place.

    5. Jay-Z – Jigga? Number five?! Maybe they made this list before Watch The Throne came out, because Hov is sitting high atop Hip-Hop right now. Five seems way too low.

    4. Kanye West – The WTT duo don’t even crack the top three? We’re calling Bollocks Rolling Stone. And we bet Yeezy is going to have a lot to say about it, too.

    3. Drake – Drizzy has been singing and sashaying across Hip-Hop since he hit the scene a couple of years ago, so we get him being near the top. But above Hov and Kanye? Let the debate begin.

    2. Lil Wayne – Weezy was in jail for most of 2010, so we’re not sure how he’s running things. Did “being in the clink” count as a recipe for Hip-Hop success? Apparently.

    1. Eminem – And here you go, folks. The big controversy. Eminem is the King Of Hip-Hop. Is there a racial issue going on? Is this just Rolling Stone not knowing what they’re talking about? Or is this an accurate choice? Sound off!

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    • meeka_means

      Uhh pitbull made it on forbes top 20 cash king’s list & he has a song out with ne-yo..along with various featured projects.

    • Duece bigahoe

      Come on with shady man he ain’t been the same since eminem show I’d put kanye jay and weezy top 3

    • thamissez

      This list is a crock of $h1t!

    • Bigc

      All u guys who are yelling out racist are being hypocrites. Eminem has proven he is among the elite. How can you yell out racist when BET did a similar debate and still put Em on top. If yall wanna argue about something. Argue why Waka Flaka, Diddy, and Pitbull made this list

    • adree

      damn though. no j cole??

    • chelle

      What about wale… He should have made the list

    • Jules

      that pic of em .. Looks like he’s got a tonne of makeup on…looks bit creepy

    • jag

      I don’t even need to click through, I can already guess who was crowned number 1. Just like elvis was the king of rock and roll!? Mariah was considered the number 1 soul/rnb singer until they found out she had black in her…

    • King Beef

      I guess if you judge commercial success, then yeah he?s on top.

    • Mscreme

      Where the f$$$ is jeezy on the list?

    • Branche220

      When it comes to the list I find their were a lot of rappers that didn’t deserve to be there. I understand they created the list on several factors which real create a lot of controversy, but what happen to young jeezey. I know he has been out of the game for a while but he is coming back real strong and leaving a mark.

    • CMoore9703

      Am I messing something?? Where is Rick Ross and if he is on there, why is he not in the top 5??

    • Al

      Lol eminem looks young as hell but yeah he deserves number 1 spot. No one can match his overall record sales and chart consistancy. Plus he might be the dopest lyricist on this list. And who ever asked about jeezy??? SMH. He does good but all i’ve heard from him recently was some lame street single on the radio. Drake is rightfully higher than Jay but being higher than kanye is questionable.

    • Ty S

      Lol eminem looks young as hell but yeah he deserves number 1 spot. No one can match his overall record sales and chart consistancy. Plus he might be the dopest lyricist on this list. And who ever asked about jeezy??? SMH. He does good but all i’ve heard from him recently was some lame street single on the radio. Drake is rightfully higher than Jay but being higher than kanye is questionable.

    • Msking

      Y’all wrong for not putting my husband jeezy on here !! Lol.. That’s jacked up..

    • Cici & Coco -The Besties

      Wow.. I couldve sworn HipHop was dead… I only like Lupe.

    • realtresses

      @cici lol i thought i was the only one!

    • basic

      Drake deserves to be in the top three stop hating get money

    • melo

      Em is #1 based on the fact he got a larger following from Caucasians, when compared to any of the other rappers on this list, from this country and any other country in the world. Just as country and Rock and roll artists sell alot more then Rappers and r&b artists. If u based the list on urban America the results a be different.

    • fdmoney

      No game?!

    • blackchina

      Really king of hip hop? Dude raps suicidal related issues, mental problems listening to his music makes me depress. I understand Why he made it to the top white people like listening to that type of music lol!! Yall know how many of those people killed themselves over his music?

    • blackchina617

      I also forgot its a new generation…white people buy legit cds and black people just buy boot legs. Lol yall know how many white ppl there is. Understandable Why he has so many followers, cd buyers, fb likes. “They” look up to him.

    • mike d

      Congrats Eminem the numbers don’t lie. Go white boy go white boy go!

    • Peanutbutta843

      I agree with the #1 spot. Wat I dnt agree with is the #4 Yeezy should be #3 hands down after wayne. drake should be in the 4 spot (shaking my head)! Drake good but not as good as yeezy. I’m not hating #im jus saying!

    • http://Bossip NikaThaDiva

      I am gettin sick in tired of these White Folks no disrespect… Keep taking Lil Tunechi title they know dam were he iz #1… but tha hood know better… #Team Tunechi stand up :-)!!!!!!

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