Amber Rose Says She And Wiz Are “Definitely Getting Married And Having Babies” And Claims She’s A Homebody That Loves To Cook

- By Bossip Staff

Is a Taylor Gang Or Die Wedding in the works? If Amber Rose has her way there is.

In a recent interview Amber opened up on plans to wed her rapper beau and have kids. The Philly model says the sound of her biological clock ticking has been getting louder and louder as of late:

“I want to be a mom really bad. I really want babies. I’ll be 28 in October and my maternal instinct is ready.”

When we asked her if Wiz will be the father she gushed, “Yeah absolutely!”

Is it bad that the first thing we thought of was that poor baby coming out the womb with a contact high?

Here’s more from the interview:

Amber Rose On Planning To Marry Wiz Khalifa:

“We’re definitely going to get married and have babies. Not right now because we’re still busy and we still want to enjoy each other first. We want to go on vacation, travel and just enjoy each other company, but he’s definitely the one. We’re definitely going to lay it down and get it done.”

We love to hear about young folks in love — but until Wiz puts a ring on it, should Amber really be talking all this marriage and kids yang? At least she realizes it’s better not to rush into it and enjoy their time together.

Keep reading for more from the interview.

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  • geekryderz

    I believe this is real…. Shaunie married married Shaq for security….. But the youngin she with now… Inspite of him not having money.. she really in love….. This time……

  • Christielove1468

    Awwww,I would like to see how this will turn out too. Maybe Wiz can tame Amber Rose,Kanye was not the right fit for her emotionally. Wiz loves his mother and he treats Amber like gold,i wish them two well!

  • prissa

    OMG GROSS!!!!!!!! I neva seen Wiz without his shirt and those tattoos are horrendous!!!!!! I COULD NOT look @ that day in and day out. He would havta wear a shirt @all times! YUCK BARF ICK NAST!

  • bee


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