A Lil’ Positivity: Frankie Finally Got Her Life Together And Keyshia Cole Is Loving It

- By Bossip Staff

Keyshia Cole has been having an all out love fest on Twitter with her troubled biological Frankie.

It started out on Friday, when she tweeted:

Of course, you know someone had to bring negativity to her little happy moment. And it must have been a fair amount of hate, because the following day Keyshia had this to say.

But there’s always that one super-disrespectful fan who takes it too far…

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  • m

    I dont think what the other person said was disrespectful but I don’t see why she has to call Frankie mom. She was raised by the Cole lady. Being a mother is about more than giving birth. If she doesn’t feel like Frankie deserves that title then she can call her what She wants. Based on that first reality show I’d say she’s done a lot for them. No one would know Frankie if it wasn’t for keyshia.

  • Steph

    That’s what I’m talking about! Keyshia recognizes that she is an artist… a star. The average person would’ve cursed those policy out or gotten defensive over those personal questions/comments. However, she was graceful and receptive. Jennifer Hudson should take a page out of her book and learn how to be the same way when being questioned by fans. I bet if Oprah or someone asked her a question about her weight, she would have answered them without the ‘hoodrat’ coming out of her. She’s such an f.n lame!

  • Cush33

    She call Frankie momma Frankie. People just want to get there 5min of fame by getting a artist to snap on twitter. Keyshia handle the stupidity with grace. I wish Jennifer would have done the same. But I know Keyshia cursed them out when she read that.
    Co sign m

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