Dirty Dog Diaries: This Smutbutt Is Now Locked Up For Giving Girlfriend “The Herp” So No One Else Would Want Her

- By Bossip Staff

So she had his a*s locked up!!! Cara Scott went to police after learning her lover David Golding had given her herpes on purpose so no one else would want her. Now he’s been sentenced to 14 months in jail — the first such punishment for this offense — and she’s living happily ever after with her new boo and their seed!

Cara Scott accused former lover David Golding of leaving her with a ‘life sentence’ and described the knowledge that he had given her the disease as ‘soul-destroying’.

The 24-year-old, from Daventry, Northamptonshire, said she hoped Golding’s 14-month sentence would serve as a ‘warning to others’.

Golding, 28, was jailed by a judge who told the Highways Agency worker he had committed a ‘betrayal in a relationship in which you professed love’.

The court heard that Miss Scott became infected with the incurable sexually transmitted infection within a few months of the couple meeting, but that when she confronted Golding, he denied he was responsible.

Yesterday the former hairdresser, now going by the surname Lee, described her suffering in the two years since she caught the disease.

She added: ‘I get angry and depressed when the herpes flares up. It’s a disgusting reminder of him.

‘But seeing him brought to justice has helped me move on. Jail is what he deserves.’

Miss Lee told how when she confronted Golding, he denied giving her herpes and suggested she may have been infected years earlier, as the virus can lie dormant for long periods.

She said Golding ‘never seemed worried about catching it’ from her and assured her that he didn’t need testing ‘as he wasn’t showing any of the signs’.

The couple went ahead with plans to move in together because Miss Lee felt ‘grateful’ that Golding still wanted to be with her.

But her suspicions about where she had contracted the virus remained. Golding revealed the truth last year and admitted transmitting the infection to her.

Miss Lee said: ‘I felt sick and was crying so much I couldn’t breathe.

‘He said he knew if I had it no one else would want me. I screamed, “How could you do that?”

‘I didn’t even want to look at him. But I couldn’t leave – I was convinced I would never find anybody else.’

She told Closer magazine that Golding, from Braunston, near Daventry, was apologetic and promised he would look after her.

But the couple stopped sleeping together, and when they eventually split up, Miss Lee went to the police.

he has since had a baby with her new partner, Jonathan Clark, 29.

He said: ‘When Cara told me about the STI I wasn’t put off – I loved her and wanted to be with her.

We have to be careful, but it’s something we deal with.’

Golding admitted grievous bodily harm and was sentenced at Northampton Crown Court last week.

The case – believed to be the first time a defendant has been convicted and jailed for passing on herpes – has been condemned by sexual health charities, which said the ‘trivial’ condition was being wrongly stigmatised.

Around 10 per cent of the population have genital herpes.

A sufficient quantity of the virus is needed on the skin to transmit it, and enough is usually only present during a flare-up.

But Miss Lee said she believes she was infected when her partner had no visible symptoms.

Nigel Scott, spokesman for the Herpes Viruses Association, compared the case to prosecuting children for ‘giving their friends chicken pox’.

He called for a review of the Crown Prosecution Service’s guidelines on ‘intentional or reckless sexual transmission of infection’ policy, which were consulted before the decision to prosecute was taken.

The guidelines state that grievous bodily harm can be caused when transmission of a sexual infection will have ‘serious, perhaps life-threatening, consequences for the infected person’s health’.

But Mr Scott argued that herpes is not serious or life-threatening.

Did old boy get what he deserved or is the court wrong for doling out punishment when we all need to be responsible for our own sexual health???


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  • 7lady

    I’m happy she got justice. But this is kinda hard to understand. If that’s the case people should go to jail for the lesser diseases too like chlmydia. But from my understanding they’re even worse than herpes if left untreated. Chlymydia leave people sterile. And syphilis is a beast on the body. I heard herpes hits u a couple times a year like a bad acne break out and then goes away. And they give u a c section if u get preg. But no serious debilitating complications. It’s more emotional than anything. But yes his azz deserved the time. He did it purposely.

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