The Real Amil (Not The One On Twitter) Owns Up To The Fact That She’s An Old Head

- By Bossip Staff

In case you missed it, a hilarious fake Amil popped up on Twitter earlier this week saying things like…

The hilarious tweets (click here for more of the ones that made us LOL) made it pretty obvious that this couldn’t have been the real Amil.

But today, she spoke to to clear it all up and talk about the main reason she’s not gunning for a comeback: she’s an old head.

“I’ve never had a Twitter or Facebook account. They’re just not for me,” she explains. “Sometimes things like this surprise me because I haven’t been in the spotlight in awhile, but when I come up it always seems to be something negative. That’s something I try my hardest to stay away from. It does bother me a little bit but I let it go after while.”

After spending nearly 11 years shading away from the spotlight, the 32-year-old mother of three, who’s in the midst of working on an urban fiction novel with an accompanying soundtrack, still has no regrets about choosing anonymity over ubiquity.

“I’m happy for the time that I had, but [the entertainment industry] is not for me. I enjoy recording, thats always a passion, but as far as going hard with a recording career… at this point no. I’m an old head. My whole life is so different now. But I’m in a beautiful place and really just enjoying myself.”

Applaud that woman!

Head over to to see what Amil had to say about her actual career plans and her relationship with Jay-Z.

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  • 'DaF*k??!

    “I wanna stay away from the spotlight..but since I have a project coming out..I’ll try to step back in it” GIIIRL BYE! Go back to where u came from, I heard u worked @ macys in the cosmetics department so go on n spray some more ppl. And Jay don’t want nothing to do w u..THIRSTY!

  • Cici & Coco -The Besties

    Wth is wrong with u?? How do u know her business? Jay dsnt u know ur hoodrat behind. Quit kissin a–. She’s a mom & has her own life. Go get u one.

  • m

    Well she probably only did the interview because of the fake twitter account. I don’t get those fake accounts. Its like these people sign on as someone else being extra messy. That makes the person They are pretending be to look bad. Twitter needs to stop this. All those people behind fake and parody accounts need to get lives and stop trying to be somebody else.

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