Ho Sit Down: Foxy Brown Goes Berserk Over Paparazzi Chef At New York Cafe

- By Bossip Staff

Here we go with this dizzy broad again…

Foxy Brown went bananas at Velvet Peach Cafe in Prospect Heights this week, sources said. The hip-hop diva and neighborhood provocateur acted sweet, spies said, until a chef snapped a photo. “She proceeded to get into an argument with the restaurant’s co-owner and threatened litigation if the photo were publicly used,” said a spy. Fuming Foxy then stormed out. A Velvet Peach regular told us, “I doubt she’ll return. ‘Diva’ is definitely not on the menu.” A friend of the rapper said about the sour grapes incident at the Peach: “It was an argument. She’s working on herself and everything else in her life. She’s working to rebuild her career, and at the end of the day, she’ll have something great.” A Velvet Peach manager declined to comment after telling a co-worker that we were calling about the “Foxy Brown incident.” Brown’s lawyer, Sal Strazzullo, declined to comment.

Clearly this girl doesn’t have any real friends around her, because if she did they would have BEEN told her to sit her silly @$$ down somewhere…

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/peach_turns_sour_5RRNaq6r3asIoVzkYupVbL#ixzz1VTOl6dEf

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  • geekryderz

    This woman has no career there is no comeback for her or lil kim…. Close to 40 something women rapping… Not happening……. And same goes for eve too….. Eve used to be a pit bull in a skirt as she stated….. When hollywood money ran out then she wanted to rap again……. When u have a love for hiphop you never stop…. Same for lil kim…. She dont love hiphop…. She love money…… Black friday was a mixtape….. She told on paypal. Cause she was too greedy to sell on a actual site knowing she gotta give up 7%. Mixtapes are suppose to be free…. Lil Wayne drops free mixtapes all the time in between new albums…… That heffa was actually selling a mixtape…..

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