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This shady character “allegedly” has been putting a hurt on Chase Bank this summer and now the FBI is trying to stop him before someone gets hurt. The suspect, identified as 54-year-old Sam Chatman is wanted for robbing two branches Thursday after previous heists at other Chase branches in June and July. He’s gully as fizzuck, and after warning the law about his willingness to resort to violence in a note left at his latest hit, the FBI is now asking the public for help finding him.

An increasingly unhinged armed bank robber left a note threatening law enforcement, following heists in Manhattan and the Bronx Thursday, said a federal official.

Sam Chatman, 54, marched into a Chase bank on Fifth Avenue near East 27th Street about 11:45 a.m, drew a gun and passed a note to a teller demanding cash, said police.

In the note, he threatened to “shoot anybody” and “didn’t care,” said a law enforcement source

A little more than an hour later, Chatman strolled into the Chase bank on West 225th Street near Broadway, in Marble Hill. He pulled out a gun and passed a note to a teller demanding cash, police said. It’s not clear how much cash he fled with.

At one of the heists he left behind a note “threatening” law enforcement, said one investigator. Feds would not disclose the exact content of the missive.

Chatman is wanted for two similar heists at the Chase bank on Broadway near West 90th Street, on the Upper West Side on June 18 and another on Broadway near West 109th Street on July 27.

“He has a gun and his level of violence continues to increase and that is a cause for concern,” said a federal investigator. “We are really concerned about getting this guy.”

The FBI is offering what they describe as a “substantial” reward for information that will help them track down Chatman. He is considered armed and dangerous.

Chatman has a gambling habit and is known to frequent casinos and may spend time in Atlantic City, N.J., said investigators.

Four bank robberies in three months? This guy is making one-time look bad.
They better hope he doesn’t read the paper, cuz if he does they’re not gonna find his a*s in no damn casino.




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