Epitome Of A Stupid Parent: Woman Gets Popped For Sending Her Baby Daddy Fake Texts About Torturing Their Baby

- By Bossip Staff

This one here is especially special.

Police in St. Petersburg, Fla., said they arrested a woman who told them text messages and photos indicating she was torturing her baby were a joke.

Investigators said Donald Callaway, 21, called 911 Wednesday and said his ex-girlfriend, Brittany Lester, 20, was sending him pictures and messages implying she was torturing their 1-month-old son, the St. Petersburg Times reported Friday.

Messages said Lester was going to “squeeze him until he’s gasping for air,” “urinate in a bottle and feed it to him” and “put him in the dresser and slam it,” investigators said. She also made several references to the baby dying, they said.

The photos Lester sent Callaway showed her appearing to choke the child, placing a plastic bag over his head, placing him upside-down in a trash can and lying down with a cellphone charger in his mouth, police said.

Officers said they found Lester in her motel room with the infant unharmed.

Lester, who told police the pictures and text messages were meant as a joke, was arrested on a charge of aggravated child abuse.

You big dummy!

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  • happyme

    what she did was just plain stupid

  • Steelcitychick

    This is why you don’t have babies with people your not in love with, or intend on marrying!
    Dumb bishes like this ghetto trash and usless men will use the child to get back at you for whatever reason they have for that second!
    I hope she really didn’t hurt this child, but if she has those types of thoughts in her head, it’s just a matter of time, till she goes thru with it!

  • Skoopes

    This is what some baby daddies have to go through and yet society blasts dads for being deadbeats…smdh. I feel for the dad. Unnecessary bs

  • gina


    Cosign and she needs to monitored 4 ever or least to the.child is big enough to kick her crazzy azz if required!

  • Christielove1468

    That young lady is so immature and not wrapped too tight. She is very resentful of her son and is mad because she could not keep his father.I hope that he take his son away from her and get a restraining order quick!

  • Nik

    How is that supposed to be funny?! That’s sick, I hope they place the child with someone else.

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