Scott Free: High-Profile Cases Where Folks Served Little To No Time In Jail For Their Crimes Part 1

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Check out some of America’s most wanted…

Casey Anthony is just one in a long line of people accused of things that we’re sure they did but were declared “innocent”. For years now there have been high profile cases with celebrities or police that shocked the world when the verdicts and sentences were read.

Take a look at some of the cases that prove that our Justice system might not be all that it’s cracked up to be…

Sean “P.Diddy” Combs

His well-publicized brouhaha at an NYC club with then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez and rap artist Jamal “Shyne” Barrow left a woman shot in the face and Puff still doin’ his diddy-bop down 1-2-5 and St. Nick…

Sidebar: Diddy did recently settle a civil suit with the shooting victim where he kicked out some major racks on racks on racks

Like father, like son, The “Teflon Don’s” son was charged with several counts of racketeering but was acquitted on every last one of them.

Lorena Bobbit became famous (or infamous) after arguing with her husband, cutting off his “major member” and tossing it out the window of her car on the freeway.

She was found not guilty by reason of temporary insanity. This bish was DEFINITELY insane…

Olympic gold medalist Marion Jones had to face the music when she admitted to lying to federal investigators about using steroids. Jones only served 6 months in jail, but was stripped of her 5 Olympic medals.

The NYPD has been involved with several tragedies of justice, but one of the most egregious was the shooting of Amadou Diallo. After 41 shots fired, not one of the officers involved was convicted of the 2nd degree murder that they were charged with.

Celebrity Rehab resident Amy Fisher first came to notoriety when she was 17 years old after shooting the wife (Mary Jo) of her over-aged lover Joey Buttafucco in the face and killing her. Despite being charged with 1st degree murder, Fisher was back in these streets after only 6 years.

Let a black man do the same thing…

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    Calvin Cordozar Broadus was charged with murder in 1993 along with bodyguard McKinley Lee after a shootout between themselves and Phillip Woldermarian. However, Snoop and Lee were declared innocent on the grounds of self-defense.

    Despite the numerous probation violations, DUI, and a famously stolen necklace this Hollyweird harlot hottie has managed to dodge the whoscow several times in lieu of her recent house arrest. Her poon-tang cat must have 9 lives…

    Like her freckle-faced counterpart, Paris Hilton too has endured DUI, and probation violations and somehow has only spent 2 days in jail, which was more of a sham sentence than actual deserved justice.

    Once again the guys with the badges win. After the 1991 beating of LA resident Rodney King by a group of LAPD officers. The jury incredulously found the pigs Po-9 not guilty of any wrongdoing.

    Since the courts refused to offer justice the people of Los Angeles decided to get a lil bit of their own by rioting and destroying over $1 billion in property over several days. By any means necessary…

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