Epitome Of A Dumb Bum Mom: Woman Leaves Kid Outside Of Bar To Get Slizzed Then Tells Judge She Was _________

- By Bossip Staff

What is the matter with these Florida parents!

This one right here might as well have given her baby up to the first stranger who came along.

A Florida woman was arrested after cops said she left her toddler outside in a stroller while she went to grab a cocktail.

Sarah Lynn Cheek, 34, was charged with child neglect after being nabbed by cops on Thursday night, My Fox Orlando reported.

Cops said Cheek told her child “Stay here. I’m going to get you a candy bar,” before going into a Daytona Beach bar, according to the report.

Fellow imbibers called the police when they saw the child waiting alone outside.

“You won’t believe what’s going on over there. They’ve left a kid out in the stroller and it’s starting to rain,” Reed Roberts said he told police, according to WFTV.

In a court appearance on Friday, Cheek said she had gone to the bar to look for a job.

“I was two feet away from the bar, opened the door asked ‘Hey when is your manager going to be in because I’m going to be in, because I want to apply for a job and then…” Cheek told the judge, WFTV reported.

But the judge quickly cut her off telling her “Ma’am, we’re not trying the case today.”

She was released on a $5,000 bond.

“Number one, that’s no place for a kid. Number two, you don’t leave children alone. Number three, it’s no good when it’s raining on them,” Reed ranted.

When police spoke to the child’s father, he said he thought that his 14-year-old daughter was looking after the younger child, CFNews13 reported.

Wait… she had an older kid who could have legitimately watched the baby? Sarah Lynn ain’t s***!


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  • Im just saying........


    You a fool for that one. She shoulda used some bare minerals to cover that up. Who walks around with that showing anymore? Maybe she spent all her money on drinks, when she shoulda invested it in some makeup to cover that mess up.

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