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Super cute twins, Jesse and D’Lila, are stanning for Obama with a lot of coaching from Diddy. But um…. Where the hell is Chance Combs, Diddy??? That baby deserves just as much attention and affection as the rest of your babies because they’re all on the same born-out-of-wedlock status.

Just look at cutie pie Chance below. You can’t deny her, Diddy.

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  • Flipping Da Script

    Screw Diddy the Coon

  • PREGG0

    Umm AM i FiRST???

  • Coloreds

    Colored fool making too many babies

  • PREGG0


  • Lacombe Redbone

    …stanning for Obama! Great choice!

    Yes We Can!

  • Coloreds

    preggo coon u aint first at nothing

  • Hannibal {MCCAIN/PALIN 08}


  • uptowngirl

    His genes are strong cause all three of them look alike.

  • PREGG0

    smh…@ “THAT”….

  • The_Who?

    Interesting. Was that Cassie running in the background.

  • lisalisa

    I”m surprised that he makes pretty children.

  • Tameka

    Can’t get mad at the “stanning” Chance is adorable but we don’t know what Diddy does for Chance or even if her mother would allow all the publicity that the twins get.


    Who is this other lil girl, Chance? Whose her mama?

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators (Keepin' It Real - D'Original)

    The cute lil’ babies got their Daddy’s upper lip…


    She’s obviously his too, she looks just like the other two girls…awwww, damn you Diddy! SMH @ men who claim only “some” of their kids…damn shame!

  • Aoki Lee

    Diddy- Give me those adorable babies! They have Kim Porter & the best of Puff’s features go job!

    BTW I thought everyone said Kim & Sarah were preggers at the same time so I ask…why is beautiful baby girl Chance looking so much older than the twins??? Shoot Chance is walking, holding Dora dolls & looks like she eats table food meanwhile while twins adorables are still in Pampers???

  • persona


    I just think Diddy makes big daughters. They’re all actually pretty big kids. The twins should be almost two, I think.

  • AAA

    Sarah was pregnant a few months before Kim. That’s why all three girls are close in age. Sarah chooses to stay out of the limelight and that’s why you only see the twins.

  • persona

    The reason we don’t see much of Chance is because, come on, twins are more of a novelty than one kid. Everyone knows TWINS get more attention that one. That’s like asking, why granny always has the first grandchild more than the youngest… Easiest! Granny’s first grandchild is generally the favorite!

  • dayg715

    sorry, those kids are not cute.

  • persona

    Stop acting like Chance’s mom is keeping her out of the spotlight. There is NO spotlight following her in Atlanta. Let’s get a grip here.

    We only know abotu the twins because of Diddy… If Diddy doesn’t brind the cameras to ATL than we won’t see her. Most people, meaning the nonblacks, don’t even know Diddy has a kid. They think he’s this doting dad of twins and an extended family.

  • AsiaA

    I feel bad for both kim and Chance’s mom….Diddy just dips his stick everywhere. Kim is made to look like a fool (she keeps putting up with it) and Chance’s Mama looks like the ho on the side.

    I just don’t see how people just have kids with men that won’t even sit down long enough to marry them.

    Yeah, maybe that get fat a*s child support checks, but they kinda have the scarlet letter ‘H’ on their heads…and Diddy goes about his happy way “making history”.

  • MS k

    Chance is adorable and the twins too.We dont’know the whole story with him and the other baby mother so until then we should hold off on judgement.I would think that Diddy would be equally fair with Chance seeing how he has embraced Al B Sure son like his own.This could be a whole lot of baby mama drama going on. The other female knew Kim has in been the spotlight fall back on lady for a long time .On one hand Kim is Stupid on the other the other women are stupid. He is in a win win situation.

  • Flipping Da Script

    @ hannibal – Sounds like you are just fishing for a fight! Got anythng better to do?

  • Aoki Lee


    Everyone is entitled to an opinion I respect yours really I do but… Puh- Leez stop it! Those twins are ADORABLE!!! Chance is ADORABLE too!

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