Ego-Trippin’: Chris Rock, Cameron Diaz And J.Lo Actin’ Like A Bunch Of Beyotches On The Set Of Their New Film

- By Bossip Staff

Beeeyatcha$$ness alert! What is really good with the production of “What To Expect When You’re Expecting?” Not much if we’re to believe tabloid reports of Chris Rock set-trippin and J.Lo and Cameron Diaz’s onset beef.

First off, Chris Rock, who we never expected to be a high maintenance guy, reportedly refuses to take the bus with the rest of the cast and crew and instead has hired a private ride for him and his omnipresent entourage:

Could Chris Rock be a bigger diva than Jennifer Lopez? An on-set source tells us the funny guy, who is starring along-side the “American Idol” judge and a hoard of other A-listers in “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” is demonstrating some very divo-like behavior on location in Atlanta, Ga.

According to the insider, Rock is the only cast member who gets shuttled in something besides the standard transportation vans from one filming location to the next. His vehicle of choice? A black Escalade. But maybe he needs the extra room: His posse includes a personal hair stylist, makeup artist and body guard that “are always within 10 feet of him.” Typically, hair and makeup are kept in a separate tent while shooting.

SMH… Really Chris, a makeup artist and bodyguard? And of course with J-Lo as his castmate, his antics haven’t been the only ones reported from the set. Cam Diaz is said to be a real J-Lo hater:

“Jennifer and Cameron don’t like each other,” an insider tells Star. “They don’t interact much, but when they do, the tension is thick.”

The A-listers’ frosty relationship is particularly glaring because J.Lo, 42, has bonded with… other cast members [including] Brooklyn Decker [and] has also been linked to her on-screen mate, Rodrigo Santoro. “Cam sees all that stuff and hoopla around J.Lo’s divorce from Marc Anthony and whether she’s dating Rodrigo as a distraction from work,” says the insider. “She’s also annoyed by Jennifer’s huge entourage, which includes her mom, three assistants, makeup and hair people and her manager. She made a snide comment to the effect of, ‘How many people does it take for one woman to film a simple scene?’”

Cameron, 38, has even taken a shot at the acting skills of [J.Lo]… “She said Jennifer has a lot to learn and made a dig about how she’d be better off sticking to her day jobs – meaning singing and judging Idol…”

[J.Lo] “doesn’t seem to care,” says the insider. “She doesn’t talk about Cam or ask about her. She just acts as if Cam doesn’t exist.”

Cameron Diaz isn’t exactly an Oscar-worthy actress her damn self, but she does have a point about J.Lo. SMH @ her singing and acting!

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    Y’all fighting over some Dumb Crap..I Love how all these Rich Celebreties go around Throwing Money Knowing the Unemployment Rate is High and people are Struggling just to get by and NOT one of them helps anybody they just help themselves!

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