A Gallery Of Athletes That Tried To Act: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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Yesterday we had news that Kevin Durant was heading to Hollyweird to enjoy the lockout.

But he’s not the first athlete to try to make it in Hollyweird. Here are some athletes that made their marks on the big (and small) screen.

Ray Allen – It seems like ages ago, but Ray Allen was once the star of his own Spike Lee joint, playing Jesus Shuttlesworth in He Got Game. He may have game, but not that much in the terms of acting skills. Dude wasn’t exactly the second coming of Denzel on the big screen.

Michael Jordan – MJ stayed in his lane, playing himself in Space Jam. While he won’t be winning any awards, he did rock some of the dopest shoes ever during the movie. And the soundtrack was jammin’ too.

Lawrence Taylor – Any Given Sunday is most known for Jamie Foxx’s portrayal of Willie Beamon, but LT had a role in the flick, playing a half-crazy defender one concussion away from death. He actually didn’t do a bad job. Too bad his real life was a little more unstable.

O.J. Simpson – There was a time when O.J. was beloved. He was so loved that he was allowed to play a buffoon for the Naked Gun movies. He did a decent job but his cooning was a little much. Of course, it wouldn’t be the worst decision he’s ever made.

Shaq – Shaq reaaaaally thought he was going to take it to the next level with his acting career. He even played the Black Superman in his own (crappy) movie. The only person that was happy about that was his ex-wife, who made some major bread from the divorce…those movie contracts didn’t hurt. The rest of us had to suffer and pretend the movies didn’t exist.

Kobe Bryant – Kobe took to acting a little bit, showing up on sitcoms like Moesha. He wasn’t that much worse than Ray J! And it damn sure wasn’t as bad as his “rap” career. Ew.

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    Terrell Owens – Haaaaaa…remember him trying to act during his reality show? Dude was trying out for a serious acting role but he damn near couldn’t read! Man oh man, that was priceless. His acting career died before it could even get started.

    Mike Tyson – You can’t tell us you ever thought anyone would want to see Iron Mike on a movie screen, but he showed out on The Hangover. He was hilarious, singing and knocking mofos out. Of course, this doesn’t mean he’ll be winning Oscars any time soon, but he did his thing.

    George Foreman – Bet you don’t remember this. But George Foreman had his own veeeerrryyyy short-lived sitcom for ABC that 14 people ever saw. Thank goodness he slapped his name on that grill or who knows where he’d be right now.

    Magic Johnson – So The Magic Hour wasn’t exactly acting, but it was sure was ugly. We have a hunch that Magic made a deal with the Devil where his HIV is cured, but he had to punish America with his horrible television show that poisoned everyone’s ears and souls.

    Rick Fox – He may possibly be the best athlete/actor ever. His role in The Game was legendary and we hope he comes back next season. Until then, we’ll just shout out RICK. FOX.

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