Doom And Gloom: Do You Live In One Of The Most Unhappy States In The Country?

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It’s a sad time to be an American these days. But some states have it worse than others. The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index determined the happiest and most unhappy states in the country. But who cares about those boring, happy states? Let’s focus on the miserable ones!

12. New York – How is NY not last? You gotta be rich to be poor there! Traffic is horrible and people are rude. Do you know anyone that has lovely stories about the city? Didn’t think so.

11. Missouri – The “Show Me” state gets so much bad press as a backwoods midwest state. But we’d be miserable too if we had to listen to Chingy on the radio.

10. Alabama – With all the tornados tearing through the state this year, it’s no surprise that ‘Bama is in the worst 10 states. We all should still be donating to them because they’ve really been put through the ringer.

9. Indiana – Indiana never gets any love probably because there isn’t sh*t to do there. At least it’s close to Chicago…right? And hey, that girl in the picture is pretty smokin’.

8. Arkansas – Geez, these are all the states that you would expect on a list like this. Maybe if someone built something interesting in these towns, people would be happier. Is there any coincidence that these states are also the poorest in the country?

7. Oklahoma – Yeah, Oklahomans aren’t happy at all, but they always seem so pumped to see the Oklahoma City Thunder and Kevin Durant play. If they’re so unhappy, then they should give the team back to Seattle.

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    6. Tennessee – Another southern state cracks the list. It also doesn’t help that there’s a flood that wipes out parts of the state seemingly every two weeks. We hope the government is paying attention to this list.

    5. Louisiana – Surprise, surprise. All it took was a devastating hurricane and a debilitating oil spill to turn the party state into a state in need. But they’re staying resilient through it all. But we can’t blame them for being a little angry.

    4. Ohio – Ohio is like one big angry ex-girlfriend. They’ve been crying for a year since LeBron left and they’re also crying about Terrelle Pryor ruining their precious Ohio State. Get over it, folks.

    3. Mississippi – Well, with hate crimes all up in the state, who could blame them for being angry? There’s a whole gang of poverty and turmoil going on in the ‘Sip. Surprised they’re not number one.

    2. Kentucky – Another middle America state where nothing much goes on. When Ashley Judd is your biggest star, you have good reason to have some issues.

    1. West Virginia – Umm…we don’t know sh*t about West Virginia. We have no clue why they’re unhappy. Hell, we halfway forgot that state existed. Maybe that’s why they have issues.

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