Permed Up Al Rides on the Racist NY Post

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

According to Livesteez, Al is as hot as fish grease over some remarks made by the infamously racist New York Post:

Post, and is calling for the publication to take immediate action to address what he calls “blatant racism” and a “media lynching.” Post columnist Steve Serby wrote in his Monday’s edition: “Good for Tom Coughlin. Good for Coughlin for tightening the noose around Plaxico Burress.” The star wide receiver has been fined and benched by the Giants for infractions including tardiness and missing practices. On Saturday, Burress skipped a treatment for his neck, and was benched during the first quarter of the Giants’ win in Pittsburgh Sunday, reports New York Daily News. In criticizing Burress, Serby used a racially loaded and offensive term, Sharpton told the Daily News. “To make such a blatant racist statement about an African-American football player with a neck injury is completely unacceptable,” Sharpton said. “Clearly, the racial connotation is very disturbing. … This is the verbal reflection of a hanging noose.” “If we don’t see action, I will lay out exactly what that is … we would like to talk to someone there about whether it was the writer or editor who let this in.”

We might have to ride with Al on this one. Those are extremely flagrantly racist and inflammatory words. This is just more evidence of the change so sorely needed in this nation.

For the full article go to Livesteez

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  • Hannibal {MCCAIN/PALIN 08}

  • blaq

    Y’all can hate on Al all you want but he keeps white america in check. All the change we have benefited from is because someone stood up for it.


    Burress is fine as hell I would like to put something on him and it aint a noose

  • Deano

    Wow, this post has the least comments. Damn, they got us for real now;in a dream state. Sharpton has been wrong about one case-T.Bradley-and you follow these naysayers and dismiss Sharpton’s work.

    A-holes, if Sharpton was not out there making a stand for us; do you think you would hear about police brutality? Sharpton has called out corporations and prominent individuals on this new form of institutionalize racism.

    We had the Don Imus then the Tiger woods lynching comment,and Tiger like the ‘Good American’ did not find it offensive, pleaseeee. Now we have noose around Plaxico’s neck. We are really in a dream state.

    Rasta know mi vex, Iyah.

  • Calibabe

    Wow, racist comments from the ‘notoriously racsist’ Washington Post? Sounds like someone needs to lose their job – welcome to the 21st century!

  • Nita1006

    Looks like good ole’ Rev needs a touch up in this pic!!!

  • Lacombe Redbone

    Hey Blade 😉

  • Lady Shady

    LOL, you are too funny NITA1006

  • lanette

    say what you want about Al Sharpton but you never have to wonder who he down with unlike Messy Jessie..

    as for the NY post…line your bird cage with that rag….

  • RealizReal

    cosign lanette

  • bent

    The Magazine HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP reported he has a profile on a site ” [ ” A g e l e s s m a t e.c o m ] ” I believe it’s totally a rumor ,but recenty his dating photos always appear there , who knows the truth?

  • lol

    Im will al, f*ck the new york post, no one said nothing before they published it…

  • lol

    lol@p, who are you Marcus Garvey? Or some random white guy sticking up for your establishment…smh

  • sepia830

    Go get ’em, Al!!

  • lol

    lol@joy’s pic perpetuating the thug mental, trying to look like William Belfour


  • Robert

    Al is the last person who should be calling anyone racist.

  • Yes I Said It

    The term “tightening the noose” is just a figure of speech. It’s not necessarily racist. Al is just trying to draw attention to himself again.

  • anonymous

    Al needs to pick his batles more wisely. Not saying that what the NY Post did was inappropriate,but there are bigger issues that Al can get his permed up self involved in.

  • Jessie

    Besides, DIDDY , THANK YOU AL! For standing up against this BS! WHEN will the other famous people OPEN their mouths? Oprah? Where are you?

  • Tommy Gibbs

    Al needs to hop on other cause that are more pertinient in the black community besides a wrongly used figure of speech to describe on discipline Plax by a writer in which the editors at the Post should have screened before have it printed in the Post. Anything with a racial angle & he is quick to get some face time on camera with his graying permed up conked self.

  • always knew

    I know people don;t like Al, but I do. There will always be a need for people, to confront and attack racism. Most people are too chicken ish to say or do anything about it…I’m not a fan but I do see the need, if he wasn’t there, who would be??

    When this mess gets left behind, there will be no need, but that day will NEVER come,as long as the same people continue holding ALL the power…Good luck with that…

  • Scooby Dubious

    We do need a change: Plaxico Burress has to go!

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