Hide Ya Kids: Two Druggies Popped For Neglecting Kids And Being “All High & Isht” Up In Chuck E Cheese

- By Bossip Staff

People in Florida are clearly off their rockers:

Two Port Charlotte residents were arrested at a Fort Myers Chuck E. Cheese on Sunday after they were found under the influence and unable to care for a young child with them.

An employee of the establishment called Fort Myers Police after receiving several complaints from other patrons that 26-year-old Sandy Diehl and 40-year-old Brian Frederick were nodding off at a table and neglecting a young child in their care.

Andres Ponti, a witness, says he became concerned for the young child’s safety when he witnessed Diehl and Frederick falling asleep at the table. Ponti asked the employee to call authorities.

Two officers responded and observed Frederick in a booth with the child. According to police reports, he was having difficulty keeping his head up and he was slow to respond when the officers attempted to speak with him.

According to the police report, Diehl was found walking around the parking lot in a disoriented manner. Officers say her eyes were bloodshot and she appeared to be under the influence.

Another witness, Jacqueline Aponte, showed officers cell phone video of Frederick nodding off at the table while Diehl was outside. He is seen attempting to stand up and nearly falling over before leaving the child at the table alone.

“They were falling asleep in their food. They were sticking the forks in their cheeks,” Aponte said.

A search was conducted of Diehl’s purse and officers recovered thirteen Roxicodone pills, four Xanax pills, and a blue straw with white residue on it.

Diehl and Frederick were both transported to the Lee County Jail. The child was taken to the Fort Myers Police Department and released into the custody of the Department of Children and Families.

Diehl and Frederick are both charged with child neglect, and Diehl is additionally charged with possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and drug paraphernalia.

These muhfuggas were on one for real!! All those damn pills an a “blue straw with white residue”?? Poor kid.


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  • marilovesrog

    two words…. white trash… ewww

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    Mmmm…cute couple! Looks like they’ll be going far in life!

  • lo

    Yes!! I’m happy it was in Miami…

  • lo

    Yes!! I’m happy it was not in Miami…

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