End Of Days: 5.8 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles East Coast!

- By Bossip Staff

Everybody’s freaking out today!

If you were anywhere from North Carolina to New York then you felt the tremors from a magnitude 5.8 earthquake today. The epicenter was in Virginia but it reverberated across the whole east coast. Manhattan buildings are being evacuated as there is a possibility of aftershocks.

There seems to be minimal damage and no loss of life, which is always good. We’ll have more details as news comes in.

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  • http://google tomeshia burnett

    im nt surprised. we hv bn overly warned of coming events. HE is nt playn w us. gt it!

  • Mzmystic

    I’m in Philly and that ish woke me up out of my sleep. I thought I was going crazy so I didn’t say anything until my sister mentioned she felt it. Scary feeling man. I can’t even imagine how ppl in Cali feel when this happens cuz it’s much much worse. #achangeiscoming

  • Meek

    We felt the tremors here in Pittsburgh, PA….ground shook for about 8 seconds. Doesn’t seem like a long time, but when you’ve never felt the earth move under your feet, it’s scary as hell. Very frightening. I ran out my job lol

  • noble

    Folks were evacuated here in Connecticut… After 9/11 and folks remembering trying to get home from Manhattan, there’s an edge to us for sure.

  • CM

    It was felt here in Canada too.

  • deebee

    cm yes it is! it is a clear sign of the times open your eyes!

  • oohhhwaa!

    I’m in jersey..didn’t feel anything. But back in my native country those things came so often.. Scary but not the end of the world. No one knows when the end of the world will happen. Stop believing a “gossip” site.

  • Christielove1468

    That was quite nervewracking,but I knew right then. I remember when N.J had one back in the 1970s too. Just yesterday,Colorado had one at a magnitude of 5.3! Thursday,Hurricane Irene is expected to hit for the east coast.

  • twoface-say tupacs back 3x in the mirror

    we felt it in ohio too…no wait that was rick ross doing jumping jacks

  • Maccabee

    Biblical Nonsense? There is No such thing as Biblical Nonsens what ur witnessing is the begining of what is to Come Read Revelation in the Bible..People Have to Repent of There SINS and Accept JesusChrist as there LORD and SAVIOR and Believe that he Died for U..if Not its fine but it will get tougher and the only way u will make it to Heaven is getting ur Head Cut Off…

  • jbyrd

    Lmao at the rick Ross comment

  • Marie

    Lmfao at the Rick Ross jumping jacks. I can’t stop laughing. Oh lord. Lol

  • marie

    It was Chris Brown partying in town.

  • Toya

    I live in Nj and we felt every bit of it. It made me dizzy at first because I didn’t realize what was happening until the tremors became stronger…. so thankful it wasn’t catastrophic.

  • http://aries7love@hotmail.com Silverback

    I’ve lived in Los Angeles all my life and a 5.8 is nothing…minor structure damage and no loss of life, thank God. It’s the 6.5 and up u need to worry about…I don’t think those buildings on the east coast r designed for earthquakes. Let this be a warning to u all, better get a real emergency kit and stay ready for anything.

  • Hershey Kiss

    im in md and i felt it real bad i was shook

  • Steelcitychick

    Wow…people in Pittsburgh were acting stupid! Obviousley these people never felt the ground shake beneth them! Security at my office building didn’t know what the hell to do!…lol
    Glad there were no casualities!

  • Madness!!!

    Lol I’m in Baltimore and I thought I was goin crazy for a minute before I realized what the h*ll was happening.

  • Triyata

    Virginia was just horrible. Everybody in my neighborhood was outside and now we keep having these little after shocks. Is anybody else feeling them?

  • Kutta Mo.Fo.

    We would NEVER have these problems in the Midwest.

  • lala

    Never say never kutta mo.fo. we have had them, just not as strong.

  • calidreamn

    u ppl kill me…if a hurricane or tornado sweep thru its ‘normal’ but u feel the ground shake & u pi$$ urselves lol no damage. no lives lost. Big deal? None. Get over it.

  • Kenny Bell

    …seeing as though we’ve all had an earthquake before, I highly doubt this is an “end of days” moment. Baltimore had one last year! It scared me and my nephew and I’m nine months and all phone were down…

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