Rumor Control: Will And Jada Issue Joint Statement To Kill All The Split Chatter

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like “Da Nile” ain’t just a river in Africa! After hours of speculation over a report that strife between Jada and Will had lead to a separation the couple has finally issued a joint statement.

This is the third denial of the day after Will’s son Trey first tweeted the reports were false:

Then after the rumor mill was further ignited by talk that Jada may have been caught creepin’ with her “Hawthorne” co-star Marc Anthony, Jada’s publicist did her part to shut down talk of a Skeletor chopdown:

“Everything about the Marc Anthony story is completely false, but we are not commenting on whether they are separating or not,” Pinkett Smith’s publicist Karynne Tencer told Entertainment Tonight.

And now the Smiths have issued their joint statement to Entertainment Weekly:

“Although we are reluctant to respond to these types of press reports, the rumors circulating about our relationship are completely false. We are still together, and our marriage is intact.”

Hoooooooooooray! There’s still hope for marriage guys.

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  • thunderkitty

    Skeletor chopdown= DONE lollllllllll

  • jbyrd

    I like will and jada……they defend their fam when folks start talking out the side of their necks…..

  • Kutta Mo.Fo.

    YAAAAAY! So I guess we will keep these two around as postive exapmles to admire and emulate for marriage!

    And LOL for the Skeletor chopdown accusation

  • whatshername

    I have a feeling we might be hearing that its true, very soon. They always SAY its just a rumor, next thing you know their publicist is issuing a statement…I certainly hope its not true, but something just doesn’t feel right about this…

  • Westside cutie!!!!

    Usually when these type of rumors start about Hollywood couples it usually turns out to be true! Brad and Jen, Marc and JLo, Jessica and Nick etc….. When people got a whiff that these couples were headed for splitsville they’re PR camp tried to diffuse the situations too, even Brad and Jen went so far as to go on a trip together to convice people that their marriage wasn’t in trouble but when they return he was hangin’ out with Angelina! Same with Nick and Jess, rumors started saying that it was trouble with their marriage and the Dad was causing a strain between the two but here comes their camp saying Nick and Jess are fine! Then a month later they split! So Will and Jada need more people if they think people is going to just believe a statement from them and lil’ tweets from they’re son! I’m just sayin’! The rumor came out for a reason, somebody let the cat out the bag!


    Oh no!! Kim k gets married, will n jada “split up” and there is a earthquake in the east coast…(He mayans were right..its the end!

  • James Knight

    It wasn’t an earthquake, it was Hoover turning over in his grave, because of the MLK Memorial, on the National Mall.

  • november

    Its so comical when adults look to celebrity marriages as what a good marriage is because they have money and appear to be happy when in fact their parents and grandparents who been thru hell and back w/o a lot of money and manage to stay together but don’t get acknowedged! Smh!

  • Nicole

    Lol, there is still hope for gay marriages! I’m done!

  • Mrs. Rance

    The latest report is that they are having problems, but they are trying to work it out. I wish them the best.

  • erica

    If it is true I bet it was because Will was choppin down a Becky.

  • rampagejackson

    I don’t think it’s a Becky that Will is chopping down more like a Biff.

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