Nine To Five Ain’t How You Survive: Look At The Jobs These Celebrities Had Before They Were Famous

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Unemployment is no joke these days. And there was a time when the biggest stars around were scrounging for jobs just like us.

Let’s take a look at some stars that had jobs just like us before they hit it big.

Eminem – Em used to make pizzas at some small joint in Detroit right up until Dr. Dre found his demo and signed him. He was basically flipping dough until his mid-20s. Pretty unreal.

Beyonce – Bey Bey used to work at her mom’s hair salon, cleaning and working the register. Maybe growing up around all of that weave set her on the path of lace fronts and yak hair that she’s on now.

Queen Latifah – The Queen used to work at Burger King, flipping burgers and dipping fries. Now she’s flipping movie roles and dipping…well never mind.

Brad Pitt – Did you know that Brad Pitt used to dress up as the chicken from El Pollo Loco? So next time you see someone in a big a$$ chicken suit or a giant-sized ice cream cone, they may have a six pack under there.

Chris Rock – Chris used to make people laugh while working at the Red Lobster. Actually, nobody laughed as he apparently was horrible there. He once said working there sucked because he couldn’t afford any of the food.

Diddy – Want to know why Diddy makes people go around and get cheesecake and sh*t for him like slaves? Because he had to do that himself as a lowly intern. Diddy was getting coffee and washing cars for years before taking over on his own.

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    Lady GaGa – See Lady Gaga here on an MTV reality show? Well, during this time she was a waitress at a greek restaurant. Geez…that makes us never want to go out to eat ever again.

    Jennifer Hudson – Not sure what it is about BK and portly women, but J Hud was flipping burgers at Burger King just like Queen Latifah. Now, we’ll probably never see her with a burger again.

    Bill Cosby – Back when Bill liked Black people, he was a basketball star in high school and he shined shoes. Everyone can complain all they want, but they probably weren’t having as hard a time as Bill.

    Mariah Carey – Back when Momma MC was halfway sane, she was a coat check at a few clubs trying to make it big. Of course she got fired because she was so distracted by her dreams of making it big in CrazyTown.

    Nicki Minaj – Nicki also worked at Red Lobster, but was fired after she ran out and flipped off a table that stole her pen. Calm it down, Nicki!

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