All Time Low?: New “Swipe Your EBT” (It’s Free) Music Video Glorifying Being A Baby Momma [Video]

- By Bossip Staff
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SMH @ The Line “All You Gotta Do Is F__k, And 9-Months Later You Getting Them Big Bucks”

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  • BossyChic76

    Oh wow! Really??? But that baby shower cake…smh!

  • Cree

    Now why couldn’t she have put that same effort and energy into something positive? We as a people have got to do better.

  • Joschmo

    R y’all that in need of a story…im from cali its a f@@kin gag song u idiots.I thought y’all follow up on y’all stories.damn I left myopic for this nonsense.y’all be trashing people and half y’all staff can barely pay there bill smfh kill yourself….well god will one day

  • Msking

    They really think $300 is a lot of money? That’s all you get for each child , and now they don’t even pay for kids if they were born after a cretin year. These dumd a** need to go back to school putting my state to shame with these lies. I’m a tax payer and they tax my a** for this he’ll no get a real job because their going to cut that off and then what are you going to do? Their making it bad for folks who really need it..

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