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This guy is not gonna have any manhood left by the time he gets back from his honeymoon.

According to NYPost reports:

The new Mr. Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries, has been tagged with a new nickname by his mates, who are now calling the NBA star “Kate Middleton.” Humphries’ pals, sources say, settled on the moniker in honor of Britain’s new Duchess of Cambridge to razz him for getting “married into royalty.” Having wrapped up their lavish nuptials, Kim and “Kate,” ahem, Kimphries, are on a quick European honeymoon before they settle down in the Big Apple. They were snapped at LAX as they boarded a flight bound for Paris and are headed to Capri, according to reports. The couple will receive a second wedding reception here on Aug. 31, when Niche Media founder Jason Binn and party planner Colin Cowie throw them another bash.

SMH. Poor thang. This guy doesn’t stand a chance. There is not a man in that family that doesn’t seem like he’s been gelded. Not Bruce. Not Rob. Not Lammy. Not Scott. And definitely not Krissy.

A word of advice to the newest Mr. Kardashian. GROW A PAIR.



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