Woman Convinces Her Husband To Try To Get A 12-Year-Old Pregnant So They Can Claim Benefits For The Baby

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What in all of the hells???

A Jackson County woman is accused of convincing her husband to have sex with a 12-year-old girl in hopes that the girl would get pregnant and create another support check for the household, where the girl lived.

Alicia Ann Bouchard, 41, is charged with principal to sexual battery, soliciting sexual activity with a child, and principal to child abuse in the case.

According to the complaint filed against Mrs. Bouchard, the full details of incidents occurring last year came to light after the girl was sent to a shelter home in the wake of charges against the man involved, Alicia Bouchard’s husband, 26-year-old Matthew Bouchard.

Mr. Bouchard had been charged locally with sexual battery on a child 12 years of age and is being held in the Jackson County jail, where his wife was taken this week after her charges were filed. Mr. Bouchard has admitted to having sex with the child, according a complaint filed with the court. Mr. Bouchard has been in jail since late last year, when Leon County authorities picked him up on a warrant the local agency had issued for his arrest.

According to the complaint, Mrs. Bouchard also admitted to everything the girl told someone in the shelter home.

According to the complaint, the girl disclosed she had been sexually active with Mr. Bouchard in the presence of Mrs. Bouchard and that Mrs. Bouchard had told her that “the worse that could happen is you would get pregnant.”

The complaint states that, according to Mr. Bouchard’s statement, having the girl get pregnant was actually his wife’s goal in hopes that a pregnancy could lead to more income for the household.

In the complaint, officials noted that Mrs. Bouchard had written a letter of apology to the girl after the youngster was placed in a shelter. The complaint says the letter included statements “admitting that she should not have allowed the victim to watch her and Matt have sex and that she ‘dang sure should not have allowed (the child) to have sex with Matt.’”

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