Royce Says Evelyn “Doesn’t Know The English Vocabulary” And She’s Riding “Basketball Wives” Rollercoaster Til The Wheels Fall Off!

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If there’s one thing we can count on “Basketball Wives'” Royce Reed for it’s her willingness to strike back at her catty castmates. The “outsider” spoke her piece in a recent interview with Vh1 where she reveals that you are likely to see her back on Season 4 provided she’s asked to return.

Here’s the excerpts:

There were several episodes that you weren’t in this season, do you wish you could have been in more, or were you happy to be away from the drama?

I was happy to be away from the drama, but as far as being on the show, of course you want your air time but I still had my air time even though you didn’t see me because my name was mentioned, and that’s all that matters.

Do you think if there is another season, are you still interested in doing the show if there is another season?

I mean I’m gonna ride it until the wheels fall off for me, but I know that this show isn’t the end of me. I have a lot going on for myself so I can hold my own.

What’s going on with the Eric movie?

I actually haven’t heard anything, I told him to send me the script and I would read it, and if I felt like it was a good move for me and my publicist/manager felt the same way then I would do it, but I haven’t received a script yet. But I told him that send me the script and ill read it and if it’s a good look then I’ll do it, if not keep it moving, I mean, no hard feelings.

Have you talked to him at all beyond that, socially?

I don’t understand Jen’s issue because she assumes things were more than they are…it was really strictly business.

Does it hurt to hear Jennifer always say you’re sleeping with everyone you date?

It doesn’t hurt my feelings because I know it’s not true and also its coming from Jen. She really is not relevant in my life. It would be different if it was coming from a true friend or a family member maybe I would feel that way, but coming from Jen I know that half the stuff that comes out of her mouth is somebody else’s opinion, it’s not her own, and on top of that she just likes to say stuff to start rumors versus it being true or not.

What’s your current situation with Bryan?

We’re still dating, we’re not in that exclusive phase, I wanna make sure that when I settle down the next time it’s something that I really want to do and its with someone that I really see myself with. I do need to date, but me dating doesn’t mean I’m sleeping with every guy I date, and I think that’s where they get misconstrued, because in their lives that’s what they might do, but I wasn’t raised that way, so for me dating is dating.

At the last reunion you annoyed the other women, so what do you say to them saying your acting crazy then and that’s why they were ?

I couldn’t care less what they have to say because I started sticking up for myself and that’s what they don’t respect, they wanted me to continue to let them talk to me all sorts of sideways and I’m not gonna let that happen, when you met me season one I had just met them I was coming into my own, season two I was really starting to show who Royce really was and standing up for myself, and now I just don’t give a damn. But again I don’t deal with the fake friendships, I’m used to being around people who tell me no, tell me yes, tell me when I’m being a itchbay and tell me when I’m not, tell me when I’m right tell me when I’m wrong. That’s what a true friendship is to me, I don’t need a alpha female, I need a true friendship where we can express our true opinions and be okay with that.

I get that you and Tami can be real and honest with each other, but looking at it from the outside, it’s weird that you don’t get along with Evelyn because she’s just as open and honest —

No, she’s not..

You don’t think so?

No, because Tami is gonna say what she feels, and she’s gonna stand by it, and her opinion makes sense. Evelyn she doesn’t really know the English vocabulary too well because all her sentences end in the word “itchbay,” and she is making t-shirts that degrade another human being, I cant really respect someone who actually thinks that’s an intelligent move, all money is not good money to me. So I would never put them in the same category. Now do they both like drama? We’re on a reality show, but yes, to a certain extent we know what we signed up for. But I would never say that they have the same personality or are in the same boat or anything like that because I don’t think they are.

WOW!!! She’s kinda got a point there doesn’t she?

Keep reading for more about Royce’s feelings on not having her son on the show and what other NBA players wives, girlfriends and exes have told her about their thoughts.

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  • Amber2xs

    I like Royce.. She is small but she stands up for herself and she is pretty without having to put on too much makeup and weaves and spritz and shytt… Evelyn is a lucky hood rat…. She isnt that ugly so she got to sleep with a baller a lil over 10 yrs ago and the rest is history… I cant believe that COC finds her attractive… Smh… I wonder if she has a GED lmao… Jen is a puppet… Eve is her master… Meeka is a pretty dark skinned woman.. And wheter she is messy or not SHE IS THE ONLY TRU BASKETBALL WIFE! I think they hate Meeka the most cause she is relevant and her money is long..

  • #1 Bottom Bitch

    I love Royce! She has always been my favorite on the show! Everything she says always adds up while Jenn, Evelyn, and Shaunie be stutter’n and sh*t! It’s so obvious that the other girls are jealous of her!

  • http://Bossip Shaquandra

    I really think that tami was wrong for taking out meka like that i felt sorry for her i dont think tami wonted to like meka, as for royce i really didnt like that she wasnt invited on the last vacation that they took shanie was wrong, also royce i wish that i see her next season i like her.

  • homicidalbrainiac

    Well, none of them have the strongest grasp on the English language or proper sentence structure. Jenn actually said “as a women” on the reunion show. What?! They split verbs, end sentences with prepositions, etc. They put on airs like they’re oh-so sophisticated, but couldn’t form a correct sentence to save their lives. For ladies that are so fond of talking about each other and yelling in public places, you would think they would have their speech on point. My grandmother was an English teacher so I’m a little pedantic when it comes to grammar.

  • thikkums

    #team royce….get um gurl…

  • Westside cutie!!!!

    Love Royce!!!! She stay keepin’ them broads in check! She was shuttin’ Jen down on the reunion show, as usual! Jen is an ” Airhead” straight up! I see why Eric strayed and his mom not liking her! She seems so blah! The next victim next season is gonna be…. Suzie! It’s been a nice big can of ” whip- a** waiting on her, it’s long over due! She talks too much! She tells everything and throws people under the bus! I hope Royce stop hangin’ with that pathetic loser… She’s messy!

  • Well

    Royce is the realest one on the show. I’m glad that she knows how to fend for herself and not look like an azz in the process; like Suzie and Jen. Suzie and Jen are in the same category IMO. Shaunie acts as if she is above the drama, but she gets in there with them.

  • Lady E

    I really do not like Royce…I think that she is very childish and naive. As far as a career in acting is concerned she is clearly delusional!! She can’t dress and her hair looks like shit!


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