Reality Rewind Basketball Wives Reunion Part 2: Meeka Calling Tami A Bird And Being Caught In a Lie, Jenn Confronting Royce, And More! [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

In the Reality Rewind this week… Jonesy of Bossip breaks down the drama, lies, and opinions of our readers about the fiasco and melee on Basketball Wives Reunion Part 2.

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  • Westside cutie!!!!

    Royce was giving Jen “the airhead” Williams the business on the reunion! If EVILyn started being cool with Royce Jen will be cool with her too! Jen is pathetic! I use to like her but this season she turned into Ev’s b****y clone! Just turned me off! Meeka did come on the show thirsty and judging people! I don’t feel bad for her getting popped because Meeka started with Tami first at the Polo match! Then from there it was down hill…. Meeka should’ve kept her mouth shut that day! She thought she had a friend in Ev and Jen but was sadly mistaken! She did everything all wrong! If she’s a wife and a mother and a successful business woman and supposedly got it going on why would u sign up for a show like this? Have no sympathy for her, to me she’s just as messy as Suzie punk a**! Can’t wait for L.A’s version!

  • Tina123

    Excuse me Tami was the one caught in a lie. Tami, has taken this show to an all time low.

    Shaunie, is.the lowest of all condoning what Tami did to Meeka for the sake of ratings.

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