Carolina Panthers Owner To Cam Newton: “No Tattoos Or Body Piercings Allowed, Young Man!”

- By Bossip Staff


Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson is old school and he wants his quarterback to have a strict dress code.

In this interview with PBS’ Charlie Rose, Richardson related a conversation he had with his No. 1 draft pick Cam Newton when he commented that Newton “was dressed perfectly” and asked him if he had “any tattoos” or “any piercings?”

When Newton said no, Richardson said “we want to keep it that way.” Richardson then commented on his quarterback’s “nice haircut.”

Richardson’s comments have caused a stir and an argument as to whether owners should be dictating (or even suggesting) to grown men their choice of appearance.

And it has also sparked discussions of race and of course money. The checks that Newton receives are drawn on Richardson’s bank.

Do you think Jerry Richardson has the right to dictate what Cam newton does to his body???



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  • I Aint Mad at Ya

    the fact that Cam doesn’t have any tatts or piercings yet says something about him. That he is NOT a follower. Dare to be DIFFERENT !
    Plus the team owner saying ” we want to keep it that way”, is not saying they aren’t allowed.

  • IMHO

    Any employer (other than the gov’t and those relying on gov’t funds) can dictate certain behaviors of its employees. The owner is running a business. If he wants his players to look clean cut and groomed that is his priority. More ‘grown’ African American men should desire to look clean (arms full of tatts is not clean, by the way).

    It’s time out for the Black man that looks like a creature and time for the respectable, clean cut/shaven, well groomed black man to emerge.

  • RED

    The fact that we are on here talking about the Carolina Pathers is funny to me, …..What was their standings for the last few years….. CRICKETS!!!!!!!

  • mu$h da great

    im sorry …thats bullshit..

  • Tia

    I’m not mad at it. I’m tired of seeing these distracting tattoos and piercings. As a mother, I hope my son and daughter keep their bodies unmarked like I ask.

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