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SMH, that reckless life will get you caught up.

Yesterday, Christina Aguilera brought her son to the airport with a pretty nasty, extremely noticeable bruise on his eye.

Needless to say, more than one media outlet posted those pics and ran with the assumptions. But one site took the reckleness too far.

[A gossip website] published the photos with an accompanying headline, with a reference to child abuse.


The 30-year-old Beautiful singer is now threatening to sue the site.

Christina’s lawyer Eric Greenspan sent a letter to the publication threatening legal action, calling their behaviour ‘reckless and unconscionable.’

He also explains how Max obtained the injury.

‘Christina is a wonderful mother and was not present in the park when Max fell and hurt himself,’ he wrote.

‘To imply that she had something to do with this incident, without any investigation on your part whatsoever, is reckless and unconscionable.

‘…We reserve all our client’s legal and equitable remedies for this reputable disparagement of our client’s character.’
He signs off in capped letters writing, ‘HAVE YOU NO SHAME!!!!’

Max was seen with the nasty looking bruise on his face as he clung onto his mother at LAX airport, yesterday.

The black and blue shiner around the tiny tots’ eyes was so severe it had spread right to around to his cheeks.

It is unknown how Christina’s son obtained the injury, but he was certainly finding comfort in the arms of his mother.
Max held on tight to the platinum blonde singer as they made their way through terminal.

At some points Christina cradled and cuddled the little one, wrapping him up in a warm blanket.

The Beautiful singer looked ever inch the worried mother as she kept a close eye on her son.

The two were joined by Christina’s boyfriend of eight months, Matthew Rutler, who was not far behind carrying bags and a child car capsule.

Check out the full letter from X-Tina’s girlfriend and more pics below.



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