For Your Viewing Pleasure: Draya Michele Of “Basketball Wives: L.A.” Is Rockin’ Lil Kinis In Paradise

- By Bossip Staff

Most of the “Basketball Wives: L.A.” cast has been on vacation this week in what they’ve all been calling paradise. We’re guessing the exact location hasn’t been disclosed because they’re likely filming for the show and don’t want to give anything away. While Gloria Govan has tweeted a little bit, mostly to kill the breakup noise, fellow travelers Laura Govan, Imani Showalter and Malaysia Pargo have been pretty quiet. Draya Michele on the other hand, has been her usual Twitter Happy self. So we have lots of half nekked vacay pictures of her.

Thank you very much Draya!

Check out the tweets when you continue…

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  • Link

    Draya could be my everything… Well except for my future baby mama lol. Slim is one of the most beautiful women out there though

  • YeezyTaughtMe

    Good for a one night stand but not to bring home to mom…isn’t this the chick that had her kid taken away?? Idk I can’t keep up w the kardashians let alone all these groupies.. :/

  • Mila

    I reallty do not like this “woman”.”Somebody’s future everything?” , that somebody should’ve been her son’s everything,you know the same son she left at home with a dirty house and tv dinners in the freezer.Yeah you know the same son she left home alone while she chased d**k with a celeb name attatched to it.Or wait the son she left alone so she could go let dudes slip a few dollars in her g-string.What kinda stripper can’t afford a sitter?Any dude to wife her up and know what type o mother she is ain’t ish.Please don’t procreate with this woman.

  • Me

    She looks like a bird (the actual animal)

  • Tameshia

    This chick is trash, brought a child into the world only to neglect him so she can chase famous d#@k. She has 0 connection to basketball what so ever. WOW, VH1, this is a new low

  • BombshellIAm

    Why is everyone such a Draya hater?!As though you all have no flaws!To Draya:Be glad and rejoice in the fact that these mean people are kicking up all this dust over little ol you…that way God can look down and tell where you are!You’re gonna go farther than all those judging and downing you…keep your head up…as long as you know where you’ve been and where you messed up at and what you’ve learned…that’s what counts.

  • Richcity girl

    To draya all i have 2 say is do yo thang girl make that money n keep doin u as always n let da haters hate n wen people stop talkin about u thats wen its a problem thats wen you trip cus it means u aint nothin… P.s you worth a whole lot dats y a b1tch mad…

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