Were You Watching: Did Dame Dash Come Off Like A Wankster In BET’s “One In A Million” Aaliyah Special?

- By Bossip Staff

As many times as Kanye’s said it, it’s no secret that former Roc-A-Fella mogul Damon Dash is a known a$$hole. Still there are many who probably hoped they’d see a softer side of Dame on last night’s BET tribute to the late great Aaliyah “One In A Million.”

Unfortunately it didn’t really happen that way. BOSSIP live tweeted the show and we were particularly struck by a moment when Dame tells the cameras he didn’t want to fly to Australia to see Aaliyah while she was filming “Queen of the Damned” because “he didn’t want to show how open he was” and he was filming “Paid in Full” and it would have seemed irresponsible. He did end up flying to L.A. to see her when she flew there for Matrix auditions though. Other folks on our timeline were upset that Dame preferred to call her his “homie” instead of girlfriend and significant other. While he admitted he didn’t expect to have “those kind of feelings” for her, for some folks it just wasn’t enough. Also when it came time to discuss the plane crash, Dame claimed he told her not to take the plane after she 2-wayed him that she wasn’t feeling the small craft. Meanwhile, for years many have blamed him as the reason she wanted to depart the Bahamas early.

How do you feel about it, is Dame a wankster for still trying to appear cool and blameless after all these years or is it saying something that he participated in the special at all???

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  • NizzleVheee

    ….I can’t be the only one who remembers Dame on tv shortly after the world lost Babygirl…crying and claiming to have been carrying an engagement ring waiting for the right moment. His words are what got everyone believing that she was in a rush to get home to be with him. He seems so cold and waaay over it for my taste. What should have been sentimental reflection actually came off as…a man telling his wife he wasn’t cheating, she was his ‘homie’…Aaliyah’s memory, her family, and her heartbroken fans deserved better than that.

  • Christielove1468

    I heard that Damon Dash was the reason why Aaliyah was in such a rush to hurry home, she loved him and wanted to start a future with him. She normally always felt comfortable flying in jumbo jets. Is true,Aaliyah sure was not hardly feeling that smaller aircraft. She always despised them but Damon probably was putting the rush on her,so she complied.Fate led her to take that doomed plane,R.I.P Babygirl!

  • ARealOne

    If anybody knows truth then you know Dame is responsible for her death

  • YeezyTaughtMe

    I missed it!! But I think BET will air it again later today. Anyway, Dame needs to stop trying to be so damn cocky, I do remember seeing him cry when she died but idk how much he actually had to do w her death.. Still miss her, and her music still gives me chills. Resolution was another one of my favs.. BABYGIRL!!

  • BeautyChild89

    Oh Please! Everyone Needs To Stop Taking What Dame Said Out Of Context When He Said She Was His Homie they know he means that was his woman his homie….my man is my bestfriend, my lover, my Everything

  • http://bossip.com HI HO!

    I’m still trying to figure out how he got with Aaliyah. I’m in disbelief over that. She came off as such a sweet humble likeable human being. So beautiful & full of happiness all the time. It still shock me to this day that an Orginal as her is not here in the physical form anymore. When I sit and think about it, it’s so sad.She is the only female-entertainer ever in her own lane. It’s crazy if you think about the celebrities who past in the last 10-16 years they all were in there own lane and was in there prime and it just stop. Hope for the best for her family friends & fans 🙂 with all respect and love. Rest Aaliyah. 🙂

  • Mrs. Moore

    In my opinion when Aaliyah called him and said she didn’t want to get on that plane, he should’ve went and got her, that’s what real love do. He had enough money to do it. I don’t understand. He looked a mess last night and I think that he feels guilty.

    Aaliyah # 1 fan

  • Chrissy

    I think she personally had a bad feeling because something was about to happen u always will get a lil warning when something isnt right Aaliyah got on that plane 4 Dame nobodyelse and for him to act like that is cold hearted if I ever lost my boyfriend/fiancee part of me would die to I also think some ppl are put here for a moment to touch ppls lives & I think that somebody was Aaliyah….

  • erica

    Aaliyah was a blood sacrifice for damon dash, being that he came off cocky and disclosed some information that the public never knew makes more sense implying that he was involved with her death.

  • Nikki

    Huuni he had the girl Sacrificed, she was screwing Jay n Dame…she was with the Illuminate, thts wht he so non chalant cause he knw wzup

  • G Queen

    And. Yes she was too pretty for him so is Beyonce fir jigga but let’s not forget the $$ he had behind his name at the time.

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