New Couple: T.O. Is THIS Dominican Banger Your New Chick???

- By Bossip Staff

Has Terrell Owens finally found the one? Our Bossip spies in Miami tell us they’ve seen him dining with Dominican model banger Mia Milano at Prime 112 on MULTIPLE occasions looking madly in love. According to our source, Mia’s also been overheard making vacay plans with the baller…

Our sources tell us that Mia, who recently received her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Johnson & Wales, is used to living the good life — helicopter rides, private planes — the works. So let’s hope T.O. isn’t going even more broke trying to keep her happy.

For now though she seems smitten.

Here’s her latest wall postings from Facebook:

More photos when you continue…

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  • Butter Pecan

    Where is T O in that picture?

  • Tron

    @ pecan…….dont be jealous, this is his piece. Black women need to get over it and find their own man.

  • 601diva

    What about butter pecan’s comment says jealousy?
    You the one that needs to get over it!
    People like you who post f’d up comments need to fall way the fuk back.

  • team nymphis

    she’s a definite bangeroni…i’m going back Sunday and will be enjoying my island mamis.

  • Miss G

    I like seeing T.O. With a brown skin girl. It’s a good look. Plus she’s beautiful.

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