WANTED: Police Have Issued A Warrant For Ex-NBA Baller Javaris Crittenton

- By Bossip Staff

Another day, another athlete throwing his life away behind some foolishness…

Police say former NBA player Javaris Crittenton has been charged with murder after a woman was shot on an Atlanta street.

Police spokesman Carlos Campos says police have secured a murder warrant for the arrest of Crittenton, who played at Georgia Tech, in connection with the shooting death of 22-year-old Jullian Jones on Aug. 19. Campos said Crittenton is not in custody and is wanted.

Police said Jones was walking with a group of people on the city’s southwest side when she was shot.
nvestigators say they don’t believe the woman was the intended target. Campos said the motive appears to be retaliation for a robbery in April, in which Crittenton was a victim.

Crittenton most recently played in the NBA with the Washington Wizards and was involved in a gun altercation with Gilbert Arenas. He is on the roster of the NBDL’s Dakota Wizards.

Crittenton didn’t play last season because of an ankle injury. He was given a 38-game suspension by the NBA after he and Arenas acknowledged bringing guns into the locker room following a dispute stemming from a card game on a team flight.

We get it. This guy likes guns and can’t seem to keep his hands off of them. Well, if what the police say is true, Mr. Crittenton will be headed somewhere that will help him with that problem.


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  • tron

    great question. They all wanna be thugs and carry guns and then try to blame the white man while making their millions. That nba lockout should be indefinetly.

  • Steelcitychick

    @ tron…exactly!
    Honestly, the NBA, NFL, and the NHL need to have a zero tolerance policy. You act a fool, get locked up, or infrindge upon another’s civil liberties, you lose your contract. Period, no questions asked!
    To make so much money to play a frigin game, is a privilage, not a right! Give the job to someone who us nore deserving!

  • tron

    thanks. But u know most peoplee will be mad as hell about my comment, i will be labled a hater for being sick of these athletes acting a fool and blaming someone else for it. And to think soooo many people support these fools, might as well support ur local neighborhood thug.

  • tron

    thats true. Thank u steelcity. Ur one of the few people on here who has a whole lot of sense. Dont ever let any of the rest of these idiots upset u either….ur good people, i can tell.

  • RL1984

    What ever happen to innocent until proven guilty?

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