Happy Birthday Michael Jackson!!! Bossip Salutes The King Of Pop’s Iconic Style

- By Bossip Staff

Chris Brown, Beyonce and Jamie Fox get MJ inspired

Michael Jackson would have turned 53-years-old today, and even though he’s been gone for two years we know his memory will live on forever – thanks in part to signature style and choreography elements that have been often imitated but never completely duplicated. We compiled a list of our favorite MJ iconic elements for your viewing pleasure.

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MIchael Jackson Moonwalk poster

Moonwalking – To this day there are folks who don’t believe our astronauts landed on the moon, but everybody’s seen MJ moonwalking. The smooth operator glided his way across the stage backwards so effortlessly that anyone who has attempted the move since hasn’t been able to escape a comparison.

Michael Jackson Crotch Grab

Crotch Grab – We’ve seen everyone from Rihanna to Bieber imitate this move, but no one does it quite like the originator. So BAD without being bawdy.

Michael Jackson red bow tie

Bow-Tie Swag – Forget the classic white tux. Michael Jackson’s leather and sequined tuxedos were another sign of his style innovations. Add a splash of color with a red bow tie and the signature look is complete.

Michael Jackson Toe Tip

Tippy-Toe – This move is so iconic of MJ that you don’t even need to really see him to know who this silhouette refers to.

Michael Jackson at the 1984 Grammy awards with his white glove

The Gloved One – There can only be one. He only wore one glove, a sparkly one at that so there was no missing it. After his death it was learned that the glove was originally worn to hide the early signs of his vitiligo

Michael Jackson in concert

Zipper-Jackson – One of the most pervasive style elements in Michael’s closet, the red zippered jacket has been “borrowed” by many a pop star since, but none have managed to own it quite like Mike.

Michael Jackson

White Socks Steez – Again, this is one of those things where you don’t need to see his face to know just who those black shoes and white socks refer to. Michael Jackson and black shoes and white (sparkly) socks go together like fat kids and cake.

Michael Jackson

Blockbuster Style Music Videos – Before Hype Williams or Dave Meyers made their marks, Michael Jackson was making music videos with million dollar price tags. It turned out to be money well spent, since videos like “Remember the Time” and “Thriller” have retained their hold on the public memory and gone on to inspire numerous imitations.

michael jackson fedora

The Fedora – Almost as pervasive as the glove, one of MJ’s favorite costume elements was a black or white fedora, which he’d often incorporate into his choreography. The signature hat is another iconic wardrobe accessory that imitators have used when getting their swagger – Jackson on.

Michael Jackson shiny suit

Bling Bling — Long before Puffy or Mase got wrapped up in shiny fabric, MJ was donning suits in sequined or metallic fabrics.

Michael Jackson Epaulets jacket

Military Steez – Besides shiny suits and custom tuxes, Michael didn’t mind wearing a uniform either — just as long as it came with gold tasseled epaulets or shiny sleeves or brightly colored buttons. He made these jackets almost as famous as those red zippered ones.


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  • Marie

    The Greatest to ever do and The Greatest who will ever do it. The King. I love and miss you Michael.

  • Chris1761

    His music was great… His obsession with children was creepy and despicable.

  • SayItLoudHD

    The G.O.A.T. The Greatest there will ever be. PERIOD! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MJ.

  • Steelcitychick

    Awww…happy b day Mike….I was in love with you, when you were black!

  • twitter it

    Gaga’s next!

  • Cici & Coco -The Besties

    Ofcourse there’s gotta be one hater on here… Happy birthday MJ!! Yeah i wish theyd stop swagger jackin him too..

  • Christielove1468

    Happy Birthday Michael Joseph Jackson, I miss you a lot! Thanks for entertaining us with your music and terrific dancing all these years.You will always be the King of Pop !

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